Climate “Science” on Trial; The Forensic Files: Exhibit G

Exhibit G: Antarctica isn’t warming, but the Oceans are warming


Once again, when discussing CO2 caused climate change or global warming, the question that needs to be asked is how does CO2 cause the observation. CO2’s only defined mechanism by which to affect climate change is to absorb IR radiation between the wavelengths of 13 and 18 microns, that is it. CO2 can only cause warming by “trapping” outgoing radiation.


Talking Points:

  1. Only incoming visible and ultraviolet light penetrates and warms the oceans. IR radiation does not penetrate the oceans, has very little energy and most likely results in cooling the oceans through surface evaporation.slide_4
  2. The oceans hold over 1,000x more energy than the atmosphere. There simply isn’t enough energy in the entire atmosphere to warm the oceans. The oceans are warmed by incoming radiation and geothermal sources. CO2 and LWIR between 13 and 18 microns won’t warm the oceans. total_heat_content_500
  3. Warming oceans also outgas CO2 into the atmosphere. That is why CO2 lags temperature. It takes time to warm the oceans, and as the oceans warm they release CO2. That is also why CO2 falls during ice ages. Cold water absorbs more CO2. This is due to  Henry’s law and can be observed by warming a glass of Coke.
  4. The fact that the oceans are warming is evidence of more incoming high energy visible radiation reaching the earth’s surface, not evidence of CO2 trapping outgoing low energy LWIR IR. The warming oceans are evidence of a hotter sun, fewer clouds, cleaner air and more visible and UV radiation reaching the oceans. Not more CO2. If you can’t explain how CO2 can warm the oceans, you can’t explain how CO2 is causing global warming. The oceans determine the global temperature.
  5. Climate models almost exclusively focus on CO2 levels and ignore incoming high energy visible radiation and atmospheric H2O levels which likely explains why they are so inaccurate.
  6. What is warming the oceans is also most likely what is warming the atmosphere.
  7. Either there are two distinct phenomena occurring, one caused by man and one caused by nature, or there is only one natural phenomenon causing both (which has been the case throughout all of history). Either something natural is warming the oceans and man’s CO2 is warming the atmosphere, or the same natural cause is warming both the oceans and the atmosphere above it.

9 thoughts on “Climate “Science” on Trial; The Forensic Files: Exhibit G”

  1. Wow – alarmists really play dirty. Someone apparently reported this as “abusive”? Tried to share to facebook and received this message:
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    1. Ugh!!! They for such a “settled” science, they sure do put a strong effort to preventing people from getting all the facts. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

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      1. I managed to get it posted by putting spaces between letters and periods. Thankful there are ways to work around such things. I did let facebook know that it was erroneously marked…hope the link will post next time someone needs to share it.


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