Climate “Science” on Trial; The Forensic Files: Exhibit J

Exhibit J: Record High Day Time Temperatures is NOT evidence of AGW


Once again, when discussing AGW you always have to tie the observation back to CO2, and its lone mechanism to affect climate change through absorbing long-wave IR between 13 and 18 microns. CO2 traps outgoing radiation from an already warmed earth, CO2 and LWIR don’t warm the earth. CO2 is transparent to incoming warming visible and UV radiation.

Talking Points:

  1. Daytime temperatures are determined by the amount of incoming radiation that reaches the earth’s surface and has nothing to do with atmospheric CO2. bf899-atmospheric_transmission
  2. CO2 traps outgoing radiation, record high temperatures require new energy to be added to the system. CO2 does not add energy to the system.
  3. During a hot summer day you can fry an egg on the hood of a car, but that has nothing to do with AGW or CO2 and everything to do with incoming radiation.
  4. If the GHG effect and CO2 were the true causes of the warming, you would be able to fry an egg on a hot day in the shade of a tree using only the back radiation from the atmosphere. That would be a nice high-school science fair experiment.
  5. True evidence of AGW and CO2 caused warming would be that the spread between day and night temperatures would be narrowing in the very dry deserts (control for H2O). I’ve found no evidence of that happening, in fact, the South Pole proves otherwise, where there has been no warming at all with the increase of CO2.capture
  6. Water vapor dominates the heat-trapping in the lower atmosphere and is why you can sleep naked in a rain forest, but not in a dry desert. The atmospheric temperature and water vapor are almost indistinguishable. h2o-and-temperature-cross
  7. The fact that record daytime temperatures are being set is evidence that more energy is being added to the system. That alone can explain the warming, and CO2 has nothing to do with it. This can be due to less particulate matter, fewer clouds, cleaner air and a more active sun. livingston-penn-25
  8. If the active sun theory holds true, we may be in for another Little Ice Age or worse starting rather soon. If so, the global warming hype has misallocated resources and left society completely unprepared for global cooling.

Welcome University of Colorado Students. For more arguments, visit this article. Also, here is another article that is worth addressing. For the sources of the graphics, you can use TinEye Reverse Image Search. None of these posts represent original work, I’m simply presenting existing data and interpreting charts and their meanings. If you read my other posts, you will find that they are all well documented and the sources linked. Be sure to think for yourself, and let the data and science lead you to your conclusion.

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