Climate “Science” on Trial; The Forensic Files: Exhibit P

Exhibit P: The rate of change in the Sea level is not increasing (2nd derivative)


If in fact, temperatures are increasing at an increasing rate, glaciers should be melting at an increasing rate and therefore sea levels should be increasing at an increasing rate. They aren’t, in fact, the most recent data shows that the rate of increase has been DECREASING since 2004.

Talking Points:

  1. The rate of change of the sea level has not been increasing, which would be expected if in fact we are warming at an increasing rate.holgate_update2_fig1
  2. Sea levels are increasing at a rate of 3.27 mm/year, or the height of 3 dimes.student_sea_rise2
  3. The rate of sea level increase is nothing alarming on a historical scale.sealeval
  4. It is far more likely that we will experience a sea level decreasing ice age long before Manhattan gets
  5. James Hansen predicts a sea level rise of 2 to 5 meters over the next 84 years, or 24 to 60 mm/yr. During the ending of the recent ice age, sea level increased 100 m over 6,000 years at a rate of 17 mm/yr, and that was melting mile high ice over North America. NASA’s James Hansen in his “peer reviewed” paper claims sea level we will increase at a rate higher than what existed at the end of the ice age. Does that even seem remotely possible considering there are far fewer glaciers to melt and the actual rate of sea level increase has been DECREASING?post-glacial_sea_level_rise2

In this video Dr. John Christe discusses how sea levels were 18 to 20 feet above today’s level during the previous interglacial period.c2nxiumxcac7iit

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