Climate “Science” on Trial; The Forensic Files: Exhibit U

Exhibit U: The Climategate Emails expose scientific collusion, malpractice and highly unethical, deceitful, deceptive and unscientific practices.


Talking Points:

  1. Climate “Science” is the first social media science where the number of likes and friends determines the truth. In a real science, the purpose is to debunk the “consensus,” not agree with it.  Peer pressure isn’t part of the scientific method.
  2. Smearing people that disagree with the “consensus” as “deniers,” “flat earthers,” “Skeptics,” and  “anti-science,” isn’t part of the scientific method. Science by “authority” isn’t science.
  3. CO2 is not a pollutant, it is plant food, and a fundamental molecule of life. Plants die when CO2 falls below 180 ppm, and Submarines have CO2 levels 20x the level in the atmosphere. managed-forest-contribution-to-carbon-sequestration-under-a-rising-carbon-dioxide-regime-chris-maier-research-biological-scientist-usfs-southern-research-station-rwu-4160-forest-genetics-and-ecosystem
  4. There are very serious problems with the exclusive/non-inclusive “peer review” process. It is better called “pal review.” Very bad “science” supports the “consensus.”
  5. The “solutions” presented don’t solve the problem and are extremely expensive.
  6. The “solutions” do nothing to materially slow the growth of CO2 and/or temperatures.
  7. There are serious problems with NOAA temperature measurements.
  8. There are serious problems with the temperature data “adjustments.”screen-shot-2016-12-28-at-4-51-42-am-adj
  9. The historical data has been adjusted.screen-shot-2016-12-28-at-5-45-44-am-1
  10. There are serious problems with the sea level measurements.
  11. There are serious problems with the glacier claims.
  12. “Independent” climate agencies appear to be colluding.
  13. There is evidence of extremely disturbing unprofessional/unethical/dishonest behavior among climate scientists.
  14. There are problems with claims of a “consensus.” Here is another Video.
  15. The “Climategate” emails expose extreme misconduct.hide_the_decline
  16. Climate “scientists” believe warming is causing the disappearance of Mt Kilimanjaro Glacier. The Mt Kilimanjaro glacier is at 19, 340 ft, and the temperatures never get above freezing. Glaciers and ice don’t melt in sub-zero temperatures. The glacier is disappearing due to sublimation and has nothing to do with warming.average-temperature-chart
  17. Eisenhower warned of the possibility of the corruption and politicization of science.
  18. The field of Climate Science lacks diversity and inclusivity, and condones/encourages a hostile work environment towards those who don’t join the herd.liberals
  19. CO2 is not a “pollutant,” it is essential for life. Plants die when CO2 drops below 180 ppm. The lowest level of CO2 i’ve found in ice core data is 170 and the highest pre-industrial level was 298.6. CO2 is the “exhaust of life.” CO2 is required to regulate the pH of blood. CO2 can reach levels of 40,000 ppm in the human lung during an exhalation. Without CO2, there is no life. Without CO2 there are no “carbon based life forms” to discover on Star Trek.
  20. Fraud has already been discovered at the highest level.
  21. Methods of measuring CO2 differ.
  22. Because CO2 can cause both warming and cooling, it is an untestable hypothesis. Science is dependent upon falsification, therefore climate “science” is no science at all. (Here is the list)
  23. This graphic demonstrates that water vapor and temperature are almost indistinguishable in the lower atmosphere, temperature does not follow CO2.h2o-and-temperature-cross
  24. There are serious conflicts of interest in the field of climate “science.”1b1a8-jo_nova_ipcc_consensus_vote
  25. Man didn’t cause the end of the ice age, nor did man cause the start of past ice ages, neither did CO2. The CO2 centric AGW can’t explain how ice ages begin or end, and it can’t explain how elevated CO2 levels could ever result in lower temperatures.global_warming


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