Climate “Science” on Trial; The Forensic Files: Exhibit Y

Exhibit Y: Atmospheric temperature follows atmospheric H2O, not CO2?


Talking Points:

  1. The above graphic about says it all. Where there is H2O in the atmosphere, there is warmth. Atmospheric temperature does not follow CO2 which is an even 400 ppm all the way up to 80 km.co2-h2o-atmospheric-concentration
  2. Water vapor by far is the most significant green house gas.absorption
  3. Atmospheric temperatures follow H2O, not CO2. This graph alone should pretty much end all conversation about CO2 being the major GHG.h2o-and-temperature-cross
  4. Doubling CO2 does absolutely nothing to the energy balance in the lowest 1 km of atmosphere WHERE ALL GROUND MEASUREMENTS ARE TAKEN.
  5. Areas of the globe that are natural controls for CO2, which have no atmospheric H2O show no warming at all over the past 50 years, regardless of CO2 level.antarctica1captureamundsen
  6. Even areas that are humid haven’t shown much warming over the past 300 years+.central-england

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