Climate Bullies Gone Wild; Caught on Tape and Print


The Liberal Arts Universities portray themselves as open-minded, tolerant, inclusive, and diverse centers of academic freedom that promote equality and determine the truth through a rigorous application of the scientific method. In reality, if you are a Christian, Conservative or Climate Scientist seeking the truth, Liberal Arts Universities are close-minded, intolerant, exclusive and homogenized centers of leftist ideology indoctrination and Orwellian group-think, not interested in seeking the truth or understanding. Left-wing Liberal Arts Universities instead promote politics as scientific truth, and ruthlessly discriminate against and punish those who don’t follow the herd, fall in line, kiss the ring and/or surrender to the “consensus.”20170208_tolerant_0

This blog post will document the hostile workplace environment that appears to be condoned by the University’s Administrations and the EEOC. We can only hope that under a President Trump administration the workplace regulation against hostility and discrimination will finally be applied equally across the political spectrum. BTW, it is easy to reach a “consensus” if you fire, bully, intimidate, threaten, exclude and prosecute those who disagree. The results, however, of allowing this kind of behavior to persist can be horrifying.

EEOC Workplace Protection Laws

Evidence of discriminatory hiring practices, and another, and another.

Tell President Trump to “deny” Federal Research Funding to any University that demonstrates a discriminatory bias in its staffing against conservatives, or shows a history of research that exclusively focuses on CO2. Additionally, President Trump should use the “creepy” black lists highlighted below as recruiting tools for his new science advisors. Eisenhower warned us about the dangers the technological elites pose when money gets involved, and this climate change issue has proven him correct on an epic scale.

Caught on Video:

Judith Curry Quits over Climate Craziness and funding discrimination
NDP are calling for the firing of the Wildrose Electricity and Renewables shadow minister, Don MacIntyre
Climate change denier and professor Nicholas Drapela has been fired from Oregon State University
Bill Nye “the Science Guy” says that climate change skeptics should be charged criminally and thrown in jail.
Obama’s Attorney General says the FBI is pursuing criminal prosecution for denying “climate change.”
Al Gore’s good friend Lonnie Thompson
Environmental Group Censorship
EPA Official Compares Agency Enforcement to Roman Crucifictions
Senate Climate Bully Markey rudely and arrogantly questions experts, calls people “deniers.”
One of the Professors behind the claims of “consensus” calls for prosecution of skeptics.
Intimidation from the highest level of government.
Dr. Ball discusses the deliberate corruption of Climate Science.
A Half Truth is Twice the Lie Part #1
A Half Truth is Twice the Lie Part #2
Hide the Decline
OOPS! Former Obama EPA Chief denies ‘War on Coal’ next to a ‘Coal Sucks’ poster
Former Obama EPA Chief concedes: ‘Climate change has become a religion
IPCC exposed by Author Donna Laframboise
Prosecute the “Deniers!!!” “I’m a scientist.
Bill Nye, the Spanish Inquisition Guy

Scaring our children:images

  1. Blowing up the free thinkers
  2. Unfriending” those who don’t fall in line
  3. Running our children over with trains
  4. Killing Polar Bears
  5. Hanging Monkeys
  6. Giving our children nightmares
  7. Fears of starvationc2o6go_uuaaod-2

Caught in Print:


BOMBSHELL – NOAA whistleblower says Karl et al. “pausebuster” paper was hyped, broke procedures.
U.N. Climate Panel Chief Quits Amid Harassment Case
Top US scientist Hal Lewis resigned from his post at the University of California after admitting that global warming was a big scam, in a shocking resignation letter.
Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist Resigns Over Global Warming
Global warming smear targets
Creepy “list” keepers
Creepy EcoWatch Posts McCarthy-esque Hit List of ‘Climate Change Deniers’
My Unhappy Life as a Climate Heretic (His “Crime“)
Another Creepy List
New Video: Dr. Murry Salby – ‘He was fired from his university for pointing out holes in the global warming story’
Al Gore at SXSW: We Need to ‘Punish Climate-Change Deniers’ and ‘Put a Price on Carbon’
16 Democrat AGs Begin Inquisition Against ‘Climate Change Disbelievers’
Debate no more! Jailed for scientific dissent?!
The Merchants of Smear
NYT suggests ‘deniers’ should be stabbed through the heart – like vampires
Climate Scientist Michael Mann’s Defamation Lawsuit Against Critics Can Proceed, Rules Court
Climate Scientist Arrested for Fraud
The EPA’s highest-paid employee and a leading expert on climate change was sentenced to 32 months in federal prison
Scientist fired for becoming climate change skeptic
French TV weatherman sacked for book questioning ‘hype’ over climate change
A new congressional investigation has determined that the Obama administration fired a top scientist and intimidated staff at the Department of Energy in order to further its climate change agenda
Politically Left Scientist Dissents – Calls President Obama ‘delusional’ on global warming
Fired for ‘Diverging’ on Climate: Progressive Professor’s fellowship ‘terminated’
Israeli government scientist fired for his views on evolution and climate change
Creepy Wikipedia List
Israeli government scientist fired for his views on evolution and climate change
James Cook University (JCU) has blackballed Professor Bob Carter
International bullying, unfair “targeted” punishment suggested by The Royal Society over climate change
Johnny Ball on how he has been vilified
Psychoterratica — environmentally induced mental distress
Former NOAA Meteorologist tells of years of censorship to hide the effect of “natural cycles”
The Madhouse Effect: How Climate Change Denial Is Threatening Our Planet
If Global Warming Is Real, Why Do Government Scientists Have To Keep Cheating?
Wikileaks shows climate researchers targeted to be silenced
Politics and science are a toxic combination – And the long list of warmists lying and cheating in past years
The committee aide said they had heard from other NOAA whistleblowers as well
A whistleblower challenges NOAA’s climate data
Trump Agrees With Princeton Physicist That Global Warming Is A ‘Cult Movement’
Opinion Journal: Climategate 2.0
U.N. Official Admits Global Warming Agenda Is Really About Destroying Capitalism
NOAA’s criminal behavior
Dr. Mann engages in the debate often to silence rather than to illuminate
There is a history of ‘adjusting’away inconvenient data
University of Oklahoma: Plot to Punish Professor for Political Beliefs, Whistleblowing
DAVID ROSE: How can we trust global warming scientists if they keep twisting the truth
Climate science is dangerously corrupted and co-opted by multiple anti-science forces and players.”
Snopes Fact Checker: You can’t make this stuff up
UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES: How Rachel Carson Cost Millions of People Their Lives
IPCC Intentionally Uses Catastrophic Non-Science To Incite Policy Action
Not Funny: Monty Python’s Eric Idle: Climate skeptics should be put on trial for ‘crimes against humanity’
Scientist tells Congress: Obama science czar ‘put a target’ on my back due to ‘my heretical view’ on climate
Jail politicians who ignore climate science: Suzuki
Queer Dance Party for Climate Justice (warning: strong language).
The Weather Channel’s Heidi Cullen called for decertification of meteorologistsImage864_shadow

Caught in Quotes:

“We’ve got to ride the global warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing.” -leftist Senator Tim Wirth, 1993

“Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse. Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?” -ex UNEP Director Maurice Strong

“We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis.” -David Rockefeller, Rich Liberal / Warmist

“In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we [leftists] came up with the idea that the threat of global warming.. would fit the bill… in order to realize world government.” -Club of Rome, The First Global Revolution, pg.75


Other Notes:

The producer of this documentary was audited 3 times under Obama
I was audited 3 times under Obama

Please help me grow this list, please post links in the comments of videos and articles documenting harassment and intimidation of climate realists just trying to do their jobs.


32 thoughts on “Climate Bullies Gone Wild; Caught on Tape and Print”

  1. Adding to your list keepers is

    Is there another list in Wikipedia that list scientists against widely held theories in other parts of science?
    Maybe all other parts of science is run by consensus but I very much doubt it. Only climate research requires such a list which only emphasises how political the weather and it long term change has become.

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  2. Currently at
    she has about Trumps changes but she has this part here —

    “On the other half of the divide people aren’t just afraid of being sacked, they get exiled, sacked, evicted, blackballed, terminated, punished, vilified and general bullied.”

    The link words provide links to articles she has previously written. ‘bulling’ provide many instances of the AGW consensus bulling and their tactics.


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