Hey California!!!, Wind and Solar Don’t Work in a Flood

I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. Climate realists like myself have been trying to call attention to how dangerous the misallocation of resources caused by this war on climate change truly is. Now California is finding out…too late.

Live updates: Evacuations below Oroville Dam remain in effect as officials try to make repairs before new storms

Instead of building and repairing roads, bridges, and dams, Californians built wind and solar farms, and wasted fortunes on countless other “green initiatives.” Just today some California schools are banning meat and cheese from school lunches.

A BIG Green Budget

The focus during Brown’s 2017-18 Budget press conference was climate change policy and spending, increases in spending on childcare, High Speed Rail rather than road improvements, and another $2.2 Billion for the faltering green economy with cap and trade, which Brown promised to double down on.

California is now learning the hard way justs how costly and dangerous it is to worship at the altar of Climate Change. Nothing man or California will ever do will alter the trend in atmospheric CO2, but man can prepare for the impact of climate change, whether caused by man or natural forces. Reinforcing dams, building roads and bridges, managing forests and fire hazard brush, building endangered species breeding farms, buying up and protecting sensitive habitat are all legitimate issues that aren’t being funded because the money is being redirected towards wasteful and ineffective feel good do nothing projects.

To make matters worse, everyone saw it coming and did nothing to prepare.

Environmental groups predicted emergency spillway erosion in 2005 court document

An Oroville reservoir emergency spillway that rapidly eroded over the weekend was first predicted in court documents filed by environmentalists more than a decade ago.

American should use California as a case study in stupidity, and not repeat her mistakes.


At least someone in California still has some common sense. “Make America Great Again” never looked so good.


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