Climate “Science” on Trial; Clear-Cutting Forests to Save the Trees

360_wbiofuels_0407The problem with a biased media and a complicit “scientific” community is that the public is only given half the story to reach their conclusions. “Fake News” even makes things worse because the public will make decisions based on the wrong information. There is a reason one must give “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth”  in court hearings. To reach the truth, one needs all the relevant information, and that information must be honest and accurate. Unfortunately, journalism schools and climate “science” departments seem to have dropped those lectures from their curriculum.


The Clean Energy Scam

Ethanol increases global warming, destroys forests and inflates food prices. So why are we subsidizing it?

Case in point, how many people would support Wind Farms if they knew you often have to clear cut old growth forests to build them? Well, it turns out, not many. Just recently that fact was brought to light over in Germany, and the people were horrified.

Germans nationwide have been horrified by the mass deforestation taking place to make way for industrial wind parks

In this videoGreen Illusions author and environmental architect Ozzie Zehner tells of a client cutting down century-old shade trees to install inefficient, ineffective and environmentally unfriendly solar panels. The facts are so unfriendly to the “green economy” that he calls them “Fairy Tales.

Just recently I visited Oil City PA, the birthplace of oil discoveries in America. At one time, it was a complete and absolute environmental disaster…that powered the American economic engine and all the progress that came with it.


100 years later, I was pleasantly surprised that this extremely economically beneficial environmental disaster was an absolutely beautiful, rich, dense, and thriving forest. Where once stood countless men and derricks pumping oil and powering progress, now stand countless trees. Oil City proves beyond any reasonable doubt that oil is by far one of the most environmentally friendly energy sources out there. The damage is only temporary, the benefits received are gianormous, and the relative footprint is minuscule compared to other “environmentally friendly” energy sources. What makes oil so environmentally friendly is its “energy density.” You simply get a lot of bang for the buck with oil. A simple relatively temporary 1-acre fracking site can produce far more energy than hundreds of acres of wind and solar farms. This is how oil city is described today, proving the temporary environmental damage is far exceeded by the benefits received.

The Oil Region National Heritage Area offers lots of history, as well as extensive hiking, biking, equestrian trails and water sports

What is most ironic however is how John D. Rockefeller and Kerosine did more for the environment than Green Peace, Sierra Club and The World Wildlife Fund could ever dream of doing.  John D. Rockefeller and Kerosine single-handedly saved the whales from extinction. Kerosine was a cheaper alternative than whale oil and its discovery ended the era immortalized in classic novels like Moby Dick. Polar bears also seem to thrive in the warming climate as well, regardless of its cause.


Wall Street isn’t blind to the inconvenient truths supporting the green economy myths,  and the short sellers have become emboldened with the election of President Trump, and the redirection of the EPA and NASA.

Gordon Johnson of Axiom Capital Management Inc. is the short selling 3rd Avenue Financial Analyst Solar Energy companies are learning to hate. His business is making money from the the failure of unsustainable renewable business models.

To add injury to insult, “going green” is often the worse for the environment. It turns out that inefficient, ineffective, wasteful and expensive “green solutions” often do more harm than good…if any good at all.

Study: Being An Environmentalist Generally Isn’t Good For The Planet

Trying to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by using green energy often does more harm to the environment than good, according to other research.

Not only are there direct costs, there are tremendous opportunity costs and the most insidious unintended costs/consequences.

Green Lunacy #1: £450 Million Lost Over Failed Green Power That Is Worse Than Coal

Green Lunacy 2: Household Solar Storage Increases Co2 Emissions, Study Concludes

Green Lunacy 3: Protected Forests In Europe Felled To Meet EU Renewable Targets

To make matters worse, fighting CO2 and climate change easily exposes the Climate Justice Warriors or “CJWs” as misguided illogical sanctimonious hypocrites. Al Gore and Leonardo DeCaprio both live in coastal homes that are most threatened by their dire predictions of catastrophic sea level rise and extreme weather and increased hurricanes.  Both sanctimoniously lecture on conserving energy while living in homes that use more energy an entire village in India and ceaselessly travel the world in their private jets and black Suburban SUVs. Even the grass-roots protesters can’t live by the demands they expect of others. The North Dakota Access Pipeline protesters used gas and diesel generators to survive while protesting. I guess wind and solar just didn’t cut it.

What was once a bustling makeshift city is now a largely abandoned garbage pit. Teepees and yurts, thousands of sheets of plywood and tents, kerosene and propane stoves, diesel and gasoline generators, food, clothing, cars and mountains of human waste lie in what was once a pristine floodplain that abutted the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.

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One would think that for all that effort, the CJWs would be able to point to countless benefits. They can’t. Their efforts are the epitome of misallocation or resources, inefficiency, ineffectiveness, pure folly paid for by others, misguided utopian visions, counter productivity, hypocrisy, ignorance, blind dogma, waste and the politicization of good intentions and science.

EU Sees Almost No Fossil Fuel Consumption Progress Despite Hundreds Of Billions Of Euros Invested!


Oh, and no complete discussion on this topic can fail to mention the schizophrenic position the environmentalists/Democrats have regarding nuclear power. Environmentalists/Democrats rarely show more true passion than when they are attacking the nuclear energy industry. Some of my most vivid memories as I child were the protests about 3-Mile Island. Even before 3-Mile Island, Hollywood was making movies undermining the industry. When it comes to aiding and abetting our sworn enemies, the environmentalists/Democrats sing a different tune. Environmentalists/Democrats may fear President Donald Trump’s finger on the button, but they are doing everything possible to put the Ayatollah’s finger on one. America is an oil-poor energy importer that has legitimate economic needs for nuclear power. Iran is an oil-rich oil-exporting nation with no real economic need for nuclear power. Even the most gullible environmentalists/Democrats don’t believe Iran wants nuclear power to generate electricity, that is just the plausible story used to sell the policy to the public. Just like climate change was the motive for more UN control over the globe, creating an Iranian nuclear threat accomplishes the same objective, only that threat when unleashed will cost more than coal jobs.

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Bottom line, if we are going to expend all these resources, we should at least expect some form of positive return. There are two sides of cost-benefit analysis, and so far, the public has only been given the greatly exaggerated and most likely fraudulent claims of costs associated with atmospheric CO2. With friends like environmentalists, the earth, animals, wildlife and rational and civilized societies don’t need enemies.

Leading Renewable Energy Expert Says Germany Sacrificing Nature For “Green” Energies

BTW, the MO of the Climate Alarmists is to deny, deflect, deceive, distort, and attack. One favorite tactic is to “appeal to authority,” who are often the “Fact Checkers.” These favorite attack dogs are a tainted jury at best.

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  1. If there is one thing America is not, it that the US is oil poor. We have lots of it, just like we have lots of coal. What we have not had, for 40 years, is the will to go get it.


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