Climate “Science” on Trial; A Series of Unfortunate Events

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If you think you’ve been having a rough day, just imagine what it must be like to be a climate alarmist. It has been nothing but non-stop bad news recently.

The Series of Unfortunate Events:

  1. President Trump gets elected
  2. Scott Pruitt, a longtime adversary of EPA, confirmed to lead the agency
  3. The California drought ended exposing the dangers of trusting gullible politicians
  4. NOAA had a Whistleblower start singing
  5. Ex-Exxon CEO named, Rex Tillerson, names as Secretary of State
  6. NASA is getting its climate change research funding cut
  7.  Polar winds look to be reversing, likely resulting is thickening of the Arctic sea ice
  8. The current solar cycle looks to be a weak one
  9. The El Nino ended, and temperatures immediately collapsed
  10. The Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines are back in business
  11. The Arctic still has ice
  12. The criminal case against the alarmists is growing
  13. After forests were destroyed in Germany to build a wind farm, the people are paying attention
  14. NOAA is getting its funding cut
  15. Climategate favorite Phil “hide-the-decline” Jones is stepping down at the CRU
  16. The “Social Cost of Carbon” appears to be a benefit
  17. This event happened, and these people were caught on video.

All in all, these are a series of unfortunate events for the climate alarmists but represent a very fortunate series of events for America as a whole. To “Make America Great Again,” POTUS Trump appears to be willing to ignore and defy the climate alarmists.windfarm

BTW, the MO of the Climate Alarmists is to deny, deflect, deceive, distort, and attack. One favorite tactic is to “appeal to authority,” who are often the “Fact Checkers.” These favorite attack dogs are a tainted jury at best.

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