Climate “Science” on Trial; The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of Its Pieces

albert-einstein-quotes-25The nice thing about this field of climate “science” is that so much had been published before the focus changed from understanding the climate to looting the energy sector through the guise of CO2 caused catastrophic global warming. This has forced the climate alarmist to go back and rewrite not only the data history but also the science books, erasing any lesson on proper scientific practices, ethics, honesty, integrity, and most importantly the scientific method is considered blasphemy.  The most famous example is the 1990 IPCC temperature chart being replaced by the nonsensical “Hockeystick.”mwp-hockey-warming_graph (1)The “Hockeystick” used highly accurate (sarc) measurements from proxies like coral, tree rings, and ice cores to re-write the climate history of the past 1,000 years. Thermometer/instrumental records, some being available from the mid-1600’s, were not included until 1902, and the proxies were not dropped until 1980. By far the most accurate of atmospheric temperature measurements, the NASA Satellite data, was never used. This article will provide the motivation as to why a world renowned climate “scientist” would ignore using thermometer data when creating a temperature reconstruction.

The “Hockeystick” isn’t the only example of data manipulation, the practice of data “adjustments” is systematic throughout the entire field of climate “science.” That is how they get the results they want. There are countless examples of where the NOAA/NASA/GISS data has been “adjusted” to manufacture a greater and more rapid rise in global temperatures.

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There are even nice animated GIF files demonstrating the manipulation.Hansen 2


One of the main goals of the CO2isLife Blog is to not only expose the fraud but to do so in a manner that is easy to understand and to create arguments that would hold up in court with a scientifically illiterate jury. The end goal is to create a rock solid legal case against the climate alarmists and document the arguments the prosecution can/should use in court. Fortunately for the prosecution, the climate alarmists are more keystone cops than hardened criminals. They clearly never thought through how to successfully perpetrate the greatest scientific fraud in history. Their own data convicts them, and it provides all the evidence one needs to get a guilty verdict.Child_Fever

It is important to understand just what those charts represent. Those charts aren’t the charts of a magical thermometer placed at some secret location in the atmosphere that gives the global temperature reading. It isn’t like the earth is a baby and some climate “scientist” places a thermometer in its mouth. Those charts represent the compilation of temperatures readings from thousands of weather/temperature stations from all over the world. Over the past 150 years, there have been huge changes in the composition of that unified global temperature data set. Weather stations have been added, removed and moved. Suspiciously, the average latitude of the weather stations has been moving closer to the equator.Screen-Shot-2017-03-05-at-4.17.26-PM

By doing these slight-of-hand data manipulations, by cherry-picking locations, by “extrapolating” data, the climate alarmists have been able to manufacture graphics that show an alarming almost linear trend in global warming.graph1

The problem with “adjusting” just the final compilation, a much easier task than “adjusting” the thousands of data sets of which it is comprised, is that it leaves the raw data, the data needed for evidence, untouched. Fortunately, we have Phil “Hide the Decline” Jones to thank for the needed research to debunk the current NASA GISS/NOAA/HadCRU global temperature chart.

Way back in 1992, before the IPCC and the Global Warming propaganda really took off, Dr Phil Jones, head of the CRU at East Anglia, actually wanted to develop an honest temperature reconstruction. How would an honest scientist try to reconstruct the temperature record of the globe? Would he use tree rings? Nope. Would he use coral? Nope. Would he use ice cores? Nope. How would anyone with an ounce of common sense create a temperature reconstruction? How would a 2nd grader with a D- average GPA make a temperature reconstruction? Believe it or not, Dr. Phil Jones actually earned the right to use the title Ph.D. by attempting to create a temperature reconstruction using, wait for it, wait for it, you got it, thermometer data. Can you believe it? A climate “scientist” actually took the time to look at the historical instrumental temperature record? Here is a link to the actual research.

Why haven’t you heard of this before you ask? The problem is that if you look at the actual data from the most accurate data sources available, there is no warming. Gasp!!!! I said, “there is no warming.” Here, I will repeat it again, “according to the longest available and most accurate instrumental temperature data available, there has been no global warming over the past 150 years.” Don’t take my word for it, it is from Dr. Phil “Hide-the-Decline” Jone’s research. Here are the longest thermometer/instrumental temperature data records available, showing that not only has there been no warming, but that both hemispheres show no warming. If you add all these charts up to create a global temperature reconstruction, you would get no warming. To get warming the whole has to be greater than the sum of its pieces. In a real world where energy can be neither created nor destroyed, these charts mean game over for the climate alarmists.

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Here are graphics of the longest continual instrumental record on earth, the Central England Data Set. It shows no warming over the past 350 years.

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Now there are problems with thermometer data, but it is infinitely better than tree rings, coral and ice cores. This slideshow demonstrates the difference between West Point NY and NY City. The NY City data is corrupted by what is called the “Urban Heat Island Effect.” NY City shows warming, whereas West Point doesn’t. The warning is real, it just isn’t due to CO2. The key to the “Urban Heat Island Effect” is that it always causes an erroneous warming. To adjust for this effect, the “adjustments” should be to systematically lower the value for those readings it impacts. In reality, the global temperature “adjustments” have been to systematically increase proximal and lower distal temperatures, creating the illusion of linearity and warming.

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These aren’t the only charts that make the case for no warming over the past 350 years or even the entire Holocene. There is plenty of data that there has been no warming, that there was a Little Ice Age, that there was a Minoan, Roman and Post-Little Ice Age Warming, and none of these climate cycles were/are due to CO2, and are simply a natural phenomenon. Here are just a few charts to make the case. Note, pay attention to the X-Axis, some go back in time, others do the opposite.

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Any real science would also look for “confirmation” and “reproducibility.” In any real science, you measure 100x and cut once. The “Hockeystick” and “ground measurements” are not reproducible. The “adjustments” like using known bad data, and “Mike’s Nature Trick…to Hide the Decline” are researcher, corrupt and unethical researcher specific techniques. They would never be reproduced or repeated by an ethical scientist. (Note: Taking the same corrupt model and corrupt data and running it on a different computer doesn’t count as reproducibility, that is replication, not reproducibility). The ground measurements also aren’t confirmed by the most accurate data source, the satellite data. The satellite data is however confirmed by the balloon measurements, so out of the 3 main temperatures sources, 2 of which confirm each other and are highly accurate, the climate alarminsts have to rely on the lease accurate data source that isn’t only not confirmed by the more accurate sources, it isn’t even confirmed by the raw data supporting it.

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In conclusion, man has caused global warming and climate change. Man, meaning the corrupt and unethical climate “scientists,” has in fact manufactured the illusion that man is causing global warming and climate change through the manipulation of computer codes and data “adjustments.” But in that context man, or more specifically, a few corrupt men, are the cause of 100% of the warming since the beginning of the industrial era. Put in that context, these following graphics are 100% correct. The problem for the climate alarmists is that the solution isn’t to tax Exxon and give them more research grants, the solution is to put the corrupt “scientists” behind bars.

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“Adjusting” data simply won’t change the physical reality that CO2 is a trivial player in naturally changing climate.

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BTW, the MO of the Climate Alarmists is to deny, deflect, deceive, distort, and attack. One favorite tactic is to “appeal to authority,” who are often the “Fact Checkers.” These favorite attack dogs are a tainted jury at best.

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