Climate “Science” on Trial; Germany Builds Wind Farms While NATO Burns

unnamedOne of the most outrageous examples of how climate “science” totally distorts national priorities and misallocates resources is how Germany is spending an absolute fortune on fighting climate change while failing to meet their NATO obligations of spending 2% of their GDP on defense.

How much does Germany spend on climate finance?
Germany increased its climate finance from €471 million in 2005 to just over €2 billion in 2013. Furthermore, Chancellor Merkel promised a doubling of climate finance to €4 billion by 2020 in the summer of 2015. This is a step in the right direction, even though Germany’s share of the $100 billion pledge is generally considered to be ten percent (i.e. $10 billion or €7-8 billion) based on the country’s relative economic performance.

Germany is so proud of how much money they waste on fighting climate change that they brag about being second only to Japan in the amount of money they waste on fighting climate change.

How does Germany compare internationally?
Internationally, Germany is one of the largest donors in climate finance. In absolute terms, with its €2 billion in 2013, Germany was in second place behind Japan.

What has Germany gotten for all this spending? Extremely high energy costs and increased blackouts. Germany has literally been cutting down old growth forests to build wind-farms.

While Germany seems to be able to find plenty of money to pour down the climate change rat hole, they never seem to be able to fully fund their NATO obligations. Germany and other NATO countries are expected to spend 2% of their GDP on the common defense. Germany barely pays half of what is owed. The US pays over 3X what Germany does to NATO as a percent of GDP, and the US has a GDP 5X that of Germany.160708114244-chart-spending-percentage-gdp-780x439

Germany had a GDP of $3,467,552 million in 2016, 2% of which is $69 billion. Germany paid about $41 billion, leaving the other countries, mainly the US, to make up for the $28 billion shortfall.

To put things in perspective, President Trump’s proposed Southern Wall is estimated to cost between $12 to $15 billion $12 to $15 billion. Getting Germany to fully fund their NATO obligations would provide enough money to build  2 walls. Many of President Trump’s spending initiatives could be paid for simply by making our foreign allies pay their “fair share.” Personally, I doubt the sanctimonious socialists will continue promoting the concept of “fairness” one they are the ones that actually are the ones paying to achieve it.

On Thursday, Senate leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky, said Congress will follow through on Trump’s border wall order, and McConnell estimated it will cost $15 billion at most — he cited a range of $12 billion to $15 billion.

ee3540c628b50885f0e64768fd288592President Trump is 100% correct in demanding that Germany pays its fair share of the NATO expenses. If they have enough money to waste fighting the Quixotic war on climate change, they should at least be funding the military enough to fight real wars. The less American has to spend making up the shortfalls of our allies, the more money she will have to spend on domestic issues. The America taxpayers will benefit far more from new roads, school choice scholarships, better healthcare, the wall, and a stronger military than they do from picking up the check for Germany and other Nations. The Free Lunch Club’s rent is long overdue.  Screen-Shot-2016-08-31-at-17.39.58-640x480

BTW, the MO of the Climate Alarmists is to deny, deflect, deceive, distort, and attack. One favorite tactic is to “appeal to authority,” who are often the “Fact Checkers.” These favorite attack dogs are a tainted jury at best.

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