Climate “Scientists” Make the Election Pollsters Look Accurate…and 10x as Smart

160615_gma_dowd2_16x9_992What good is spending trillions of dollars on a “science” if it can’t accurately define what it is studying? Scientists that study gravity have a nice simple model of 9.8m/sec^2, scientists that study quantum physics have E=mc^2, and scientists have study motion have F=ma. The value of a real science is that it helps us understand the world in which we live. If that is the definition of a real science, climate “science” is about as unscientific as one can get. Their models and forecasts don’t even come close.Screen-Shot-2017-04-02-at-2.22.05-PM-down-1

Worst of all, their recommendations are extremely fluid and dangerous for society. Back in the 1970’s coming ice age scare, the climate alarmists were recommending spreading black soot over the North Pole in order to MELT THE ARCTIC SEA ICE!!! That isn’t a joke. Today they are hysterical about the natural variation of it being on the down-swing. Note how no matter what the situation, the answer is always greater government involvement and spending more of other people’s money.Capture13

While melting the Polar Ice Caps and stockpiling food back in the 1970s would have been one of the greatest misallocation or resources since Stalin collectivized the Soviet Farms, the political left just doesn’t seem to learn from history. In an effort to prepare for the “Endless California Drought,” California ironically didn’t build desalination plants to produce clean fresh water to address the water shortage, they implemented strict water rationing and built wind and solar farms. That may make sense to a population that buys “skinny jeans” to lose weight, and drive “smart cars” and use “smart phones” and live is “smart homes” on the “smart grid” to make these pseudo-intellectuals feel intelligent. To a real person, intelligence is demonstrated by developing proper and feasible solutions to existing real problems.


Californians must have failed basic geometry, or slept through the class where the lecture was the “shortest distance between two points is a straight line.” To solve a water shortage, the most effective way to address the problem is by building desalination plants. California has an unlimited supply of water called the Pacific Ocean, they just need to process it for drinking. I fail to make the connection between a water shortage, CO2 and building wind and solar farms. If feeling smug and sanctimonious made it rain, then California would have its solution. Unfortunately, self-defeating symbolic efforts may make misguided Californians feel good about themselves, it doesn’t solve the water problem.

Anywho, that isn’t the point. The point is that by following the advice of climate “experts” California was focused on an endless drought when they should have been focused on the coming floods. California has a cyclical history of droughts and floods, man- made CO2 didn’t repeal that natural cycle. Californian droughts ALWAYS end, they always have, and they always will, regardless of the amount of man-made CO2. The real problem Californians now face is that their dams and other river/water control infrastructure have been severely neglected. Money that would have been better spent preparing for the near certainty of the eventual rains, was misspent on Quixotic ventures like building wind and solar farms. Now all reasonable people can do is sit back and say “see, I told you so.” To add injury to insult, Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown is considering a run for the Whitehouse. I guess misery loves company, and Jerry wants everyone to suffer along with California.

California snowpack is one of the biggest ever recorded, and now poses a flooding risk

The 2016-17 winter created one of the largest snowpacks in California’s recorded history and it’s loaded with enough water to keep reservoirs and rivers swollen for months to come.

As of Thursday, the snowpack across the entire Sierra was at 164% of average for this time of year. The northern region was at 147%, the central was at 175% and the southern was 164% of average, respectively, state data showed.

When that spot was a dusty patch of land for Gehrke two years ago, he was filmed by a phalanx of cameras and joined by Gov. Jerry Brown, who argued that the absence of snow was emblematic of the state’s punishing drought and that water users needed to prepare for sacrifices.

The governor declared a state of emergency and instituted strict water use restrictions that remain in place for some people today.

California has been inundated with more than 30 atmospheric river events — warm, Pacific-based storms that drop massive amounts of rain — since October and is on track for one of its rainiest water years (measured from Oct. 1 — Sept. 30) in history.

In the meantime, cities and utility companies are preparing for what could be a paradoxically fruitful and disastrous spring and summer when all that snow begins to melt.

BTW, the MO of the Climate Alarmists is to deny, deflect, deceive, distort, and attack. One favorite tactic is to “appeal to authority,” who are often the “Fact Checkers.” These favorite attack dogs are a tainted jury at best.

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4 thoughts on “Climate “Scientists” Make the Election Pollsters Look Accurate…and 10x as Smart”

  1. The problem with desalination plants is:
    They need a lot of energy.
    Shutting down power plants and replacing them with unreliable wind and solar plants reduces the amount of available energy.
    Combining this with millions of illegals needing electricity there won’t be enough left to provide the
    desalination plants with the needed energy.
    Anyway i think they plan to missuse the water shortage problem to cause big chaos in california to SHOW people what happens if you do not want to pay carbon taxes.
    Many people without water,chaos,dying-to convince people in the usa to acceppt things and laws they would never ever acceppt under normal circumstances.


    1. Thanks for the comment, yep, wind and solar only make the problem worse. The real problem however isn’t the drought, it was trusting the climate alarmists. As ca is finding out, there is plenty of H2O, it just needs to be managed correctly.


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