The Days of “Trust Me” Science Are Over


Last week was a complete disaster for the climate alarmists, and recent events only promise that things are going to get much worse. Toto finally peaked behind the curtain. On Wednesday the House passed a bill that would require the EPA to release its data to the public.

Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas, said “the days of ‘trust me’ science are over,” adding that the House bill would restore confidence in the EPA’s decision-making process.

Personally, I was shocked that that wasn’t already a requirement. Just what is the purpose of a taxpayer funded agency designed to serve the public’s interest keeping its data and methods secret? Worse yet, this secret data must have been used to influence the Supreme Court’s recent costly decision to label CO2 a pollutant. Stalin would have been very proud of this system, but it has no place in an open and free Democracy. Not surprising however 198 Representatives voted against it, and I bet you can guess what party they are from. I didn’t know Mother Nature’s medical records were protected under HIPPA.

Connecticut Rep. Elizabeth Esty and other Democrats said the bill would cripple EPA’s ability to conduct scientific research based on confidential medical information and risks privacy violations by exposing sensitive patient data.

Republicans should take this decision a bit further and not only demand the release of the studies and data but also demand “reproducibility” of the studies supporting the EPA regulation. Recently it was discovered that much of the research published in major journals like Nature and Science magazine are not reproducible. This throws the entire “peer-review” process and the “consensus” that results from such “authorities” into question. Climate alarmists never argue data, facts, experiments, they argue “consensus” “peer-review” and computer models. The lack of reproducibility completely destroys the main pillars holding up the entire AGW movement. Without reproducibility, there is no real science. Science that isn’t reproducible is nothing more than witchcraft, black magic, and sorcery performed by Oracles and Soothsayers, not real scientistsCapture16

Additional safeguards would be to divide and compartmentalize any major research initiative. The problem with climate “science” is that power is extremely concentrated in the hands of very few self-interested organizations that control the entire process both vertically and horizontally. When the military designs a new weapon system, the process is designed so that no one person knows or controls all the parts. Things are done on a “need to know” basis. The Federal Government should treat the EPA, FDA, DOE, DOE like they treated Standard Oil and break up the Monopolies. People like Michale “Climate Crusader” Mann should never be given power in such easily corruptible systems.

NOAA/NASA and HADCRU should break the temperature reconstruction process into their fundamental components.

  1. Data Collection: Google/Oracle/IBM/ADP could bid to collect all the temperature data from all the temperature centers.
  2. Data Compilation: Google/Oracle/IBM/ADP could bid to compile the data in raw form.
  3. Data Adjustment: A transparent open source method could be created for “adjusting” the data. No longer would a single person or small group make those decisions.
  4. Data Analysis: Statistical research firms like IBM, SAP or Oracle should be hired. Considering the decisions made based upon the conclusions may cost the taxpayers TRILLIONS of dollars, this work is simply too important for government workers.
  5. Data Interpretation:  If research universities are going to play a part in developing the climate models and policy proposals they simply must demonstrate a political diversity of their staff. No conservative would have ever signed off on this climate change nonsense.
  6. Published Research: If published research is to be used, it must me reproducible by independent bodies, and the scientific method must have been applied.


Also on Wednesday, the climate science equivalent of the Titanic hitting the iceberg occurred when Michael “I’m a Victim”  Mann got completely owned by Dr. Judith Curry in the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology: Hearings on Climate Change, and inadvertently gave the climate “deniers” the battle plan on how to defeat the climate alarmists. That “battle plan” will be detailed in future blog posts, so stay tuned. BTW, Michael “Owned by Judith Curry” Mann used “denier” 4 times in his written testimony.

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10 thoughts on “The Days of “Trust Me” Science Are Over”

  1. Terrific blog. This part is epic good
    “Recently it was discovered that much of the research published in major journals like Nature and Science magazine are not reproducible. This throws the entire “peer-review” process and the “consensus” that results from such “authorities” into question. Climate alarmists never argue data, facts, experiments, they argue “consensus” “peer-review” and computer models. The lack of reproducibility completely destroys the main pillars holding up the entire AGW movement. ”
    One simple thing I use is logic > data > science. Quoting science is fine if the data is good. Using data is fine if the logic is sound. It all falls apart if your logic is bad.

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  2. Very well said. But there are some serious problems with your suggestions.

    1) The Reproducibility Issue:
    Reproducibility doesn’t make anything, especially experiments or theories any better. Consider chaotic systems, these are large systems (like Earth’s climate) where it is next to impossible to reproduce results even with the same starting parameters and state information. Large systems do not follow the reproducibility criteria. Thus demanding that a system under investigation to have a repeatable outcome is shear nonsense. This makes anything like computer models of very chaotic systems like Earth’s climate useless. The whole issue of modeling an open system like the Earth, is an exercise in futility. But read on, it gets better….

    2) The Scientific Method:
    For highly controlled and “small” systems the Scientific Method is the way to go; observe, measure, formulate, modify hypothesis, re-test or re-experiment, and cycle over. This is how Science has developed largely of the last few hundred years and has worked and worked well. Especially, for engineering, where without this formulaic methodology many people would die with ill-guised electro-mechanical technology. However, the Scientific Method has only worked because of one simple fact, up till now Science has been “simple”, the really difficult Science and Engineering break-throughs to come in the future, will have to deal with the Scientific Method’s Achilles-heal. What is that? Enter Godel, the true genius of the 20th century, who introduced a concept so insanely counter intuitive, but real (more real than Quantum Mechanics) nonetheless, that today we are only barely starting to scratch the surface with Godel’s Incompleteness Theorems. Why? Because it has inbuilt in it Science’s killer … non-determinability.

    3) The Real Devil To Come: Godel’s Incompleteness Theorems.
    And here is where we have the real problem, there are laws of nature that actually truly exist and are real, but try as you might, conjure up no matter how sophisticated an experiment or hypothetical theory, and you will never be able to prove that that ‘law’ is true! Because the law IS NOT PROVABLE, but is TRUE AND REAL. That’s right, there are without a shadow of a doubt, Godel proved this, laws that we very may be trying to prove (like the Unified Field Theory – which I believe is not possible), that actually run the Universe, rule our lives, change our fates, but can never, ever be determined or broken down to individual laws, that we have to this day found to exist. And here’s the rub: we can never, a priori, know when one of these laws is that kind of unprovable law!

    4) The Real Dilemma of Science.
    If there is some horizon, I refer to this horizon as the Godel Horizon, where once reached (which in itself is undetectable), that many assumed or desirable theories created by Science (I include here especially Physics), become impossible to be determinable by the laws we have discovered up to then. For instance, with a very healthy and self-serving denial:
    – The Standard Model used in particle physics has some very broken parts to it. Try as we might, spending countless billions on the LHC (Large Hadron Collider), and yet we come with ever more questions than answers. Have we passed the Godel Horizon?
    – Relativity and Quantum Mechanics Paradox. Any theory that has a paradox is a broken theory, but when you have paradoxes like Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen (EPR) outlined, you don’t have a broken theory, you have a tragedy. If you think Climate Change is fake science, try field theory, this is a Greek-Tragedy in the making. Godel Horizon passed a long time ago, by my reckoning it started with Feynman Path Integrals, Theoretical Physics’ version of Mann’s Hockey Stick. Utter nonsense.
    Don’t think I am picking on Physics only, nearly every field of endeavor has its problems; Biology with evolution, its just a theory with no proof; economics, every single theory ever surmised and theorized has failed; archeology, lots of nice stories but no real solid scientific reproducible or verifiable evidence.

    So what about Climate Change (or Warming, or whatever)? This is the real problem, Science has become so complicated that any one can now come up with a theory, if complicated enough, and make it look real. Common-sense can go out the window, fancy math, sophisticated computer models, outlandish theories can now be manufactured (yes, I say manufactured) to create any new idea or bogey-threat, which can then be used along with some self-serving sincere concerns that money needs to be thrown at this issue (and of course the scientist who discovered this threat is well rewarded). But can something like Climate Warming be actually proved? Of course not. For instance if were having this argument 800 years ago, we would be all saying that the Earth’s climate is warming, but say 400 years later, we would be saying it is cooling, and 400 years later again, we are saying it is warming, hold-on now paused, scratch that again, now cooling. After periods of 400 years you see how the story changes. In truth, we will not know what is happening, until it has happened, and that will not be for another 1,000 years! And nowhere, in the next 1,000 years will we have the Science, or the computers to tell us that! Godel Horizon any one?

    You see, you can’t legislate honesty or good science. Scientists, especially clever ones, can use the tools of their trades now just like bank robbers can use their drills. But the difference is, when a bank robber is drilling into a safe in the middle of the night, we all know, that what he is doing is dishonest. But when a scientist uses computer, pencil and paper, to create and an outlandish theory, and where he and his associated experts (you know, the peers who review his work) see the potential for a pay off, do you really think an ignorant dolt of a politician is going to understand the crime that is being perpetrated here? And then there is the Godel Horizon, where every single complicated theory will have Godel to thank to protect every scientists’ thieving ways.

    So is Climate Change or Warming Science dishonest or fake science? It depends on the scientist, is he using his theories to drill into a bank vault or to do something truly useful for society? You tell me!

    I think a better question we should be asking is, with the finite amount of financial resources we have, is spending money on this kind of science useful? Only problem is, everyone in that “science”, will say yes. And so we come back to the age old problem that Man and Society has been facing since the dawn of civilization, What is the Truth? Because I tell you right now, if you’re looking for Science to give you an answer, boy, are you looking in the wrong direction. There is absolutely no reason, for the scientific community to not be any more honest or dishonest than the rest of society. So here it comes again, should we be letting Government tax us and determine how our money should be spent? Who should be really determining how these financial assets should be spent? Thus, it is not about Science anymore, it is about The People and Their money.

    I hate to say it, for I am a physicist myself, but Science has become corrupt, and physicists, climate scientists, and many other scientists have become basically bank robbers. Science is not the answer, nor The Scientific Method. Money is the problem, and is feeding the corruption of Academia and Science. So the solution is simple, stop the flow of money. No?

    What more can I say, Science has become a Greek Tragedy. Tragic in its own beauty, corrupt in its own power, and destined to folly; just like the robber barons of old. History repeats again.


    1. Of course there are other problems:
      1.) Scientifically illiterate media that falls for every climate lie from the likes of the CRU.
      2) Same press that was unable to read the emails and discover arbitrarily adjusting data, blocking papers, advocating law breaking. Or they are too corrupt to expose such actions.
      3) Negligent societies that don’t bother to check the facts before issuing climate statements.
      4) Virtually all of the media, societies and one political party refusing to actually read the Cook paper to discover that there is no 97% consensus.


  3. No offense to anyone here, since I is one, but two words explain the whole problem with science and society at large, Baby Boomers. Luckily, we are toward the end of our 40 years in the desert.


  4. There is no such thing as “Data Adjustment.” The instrument is as good as it can be, and it records what it records. Data Adjustment is always bogus, always for nefarious purposes. Temperature records cannot be improved with ANY process. Read the thermometer, write down what you saw, end of story…


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