The Benefits of Higher CO2 Levels; Fewer Hurricanes, Greater Prosperity, Longer Life


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U.S. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt caused a carbon kerfuffle today.

In an interview on CNBC this morning, Pruitt raised doubts over whether or not carbon dioxide is the main driver behind climate change. Asked if CO2 is the “primary control knob for climate,” Pruitt said he wouldn’t agree with that assessment.

Let’s take the Alarmists at their word, and assume that CO2 is the “primary control knob of the climate,” and absolutely absurd claim for a molecule that is only 0.04% of the atmosphere, and whose absorption of IR decays logarithmically.  Let’s also assume that the “Science” magazines that make those claims require the application of the scientific method and reproducibility for publication, something they do not. Just what “Costs” have been inflicted on the earth?

#1: The number of Southern Hemisphere Hurricanes has fallen to the lowest level on record.


#2: There has been a tremendous “Greening” of the Northern Hemisphere.


#3) Crop yields and food production are reaching record levels.


#4) Life expectancy has DOUBLED.


#5) Standards of living have greatly increased.


What is the cost of higher CO2? An immeasurable “increase” in the “unadjusted” thermometer temperature record. If CO2 is such a powerful “control knob” for the climate, one would think they would be able to demonstrate it in a laboratory experiment. They can’t. Nor can they even write computer models to demonstrate their theory. In reality, all the climate “alarmists” have is political rhetoric, and the ability to censor those who disagree.

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