With Friends Like Environmentalists, the World Doesn’t Need Enemies

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One of the greatest horror stories I’ve ever read was “Playing God in Yellowstone: The Destruction of America’s First National Park.” It is a truly heartbreaking story of how well-meaning but terribly misguided and frankly ignorant environmentalists were allowed to apply their ecological “science” to the Yellowstone Park. The results were catastrophic, and provide many lessons about how hubris lead to disaster.

The same hubris that lead to the disaster of Yellowstone can be seen today on fully display in front of the US Congress, as climate alarmists spew their unquestioning allegiance to the Carbon God of Climate Change. We simply can not allow the same groups of people that destroyed Yellowstone to repeat their ego-driven sanctimonious crusade of destruction on a global scale. Yellowstone is a warning to everyone that trusting environmentalists is not only harmful to your wellbeing, it may destroy the very world they proclaim to protect.

For those who don’t want to read the 500-page book, here is a video that highlights its main points, it is very much worth watching. BTW, killing whales may have resulted in higher atmospheric CO2 levels. Petroleum helped save the whales. I wonder if that IPCC put that factor in their models?  Because much of nature is counter-intuitive it requires real science to get to the truth. If something isn’t fully understood,  the conclusions reached may result in policies that only make the condition worse.

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