Bill Nye Gets Eaten By the Crocodile


Self-anointed climate “expert” and mechanical engineer Bill Nye the Pseudo-Science Guy discovered just how fickle his fair weather liberal friends truly are.  It turns out this “March for Science” isn’t a march for science at all, it is yet another left-wing Orwellian political love fest.

Q: How does the march define being political? A: “The march is explicitly a political movement, aimed at holding leaders in politics and science accountable. When institutions of any affiliation skew, ignore, misuse or interfere with science, we have to speak out. Science should inform political decision making. At the same time, political decisions deeply influence the type of science we are able to do and the type of people who are allowed to conduct science and benefit from scientific advancements.”

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Unlike the highly unified, focused, peaceful, inclusive, and organized Tea Parties, left-wing Orwellian political love fests always break down into nonsensical, counterproductive, divisive and exclusionary internal-squabbles, as each unrelated and often oppositional faction fights for attention. Just recently the Women’s March excluded Pro-Life Women. I guess the desire and willingness to kill your girl baby is essential to making you a woman. Ironically, the political left’s anti-Vietnam War rhetoric included calling our soldiers “baby killers.”

Except that I am not invited, despite my unambiguous status as a member of the female sex. That’s because I am pro-life. As the organizers of the march made clear in a statement earlier this week, the Women’s March’s on Washington “platform is pro-choice” and “has been since day one.”


It shouldn’t be any surprise then when the “About Anything BUT Science March” has degenerated into an internal street fight. The first victim to get hit with the Rainbow Colored Nightstick is Bill Nye the gullible Pseudo-Science Guy. Yes, the same Bill Nye that supports imprisoning “climate deniers,” whatever that is. Bill Nye was gullible enough to think that he was actually supported by the left-wing, and not simply being used by them as a Useful Idiot. It turns out Bill Nye fills the wrong quota. Bill Nye is a rich, white presumably heterosexual white guy, and that just doesn’t fit with the “Science” March’s anti-white privilege, pro-diversity, anti-establishment blah blah blah, oh, and pro-pseudo/politicized science platform.shutterstock_396852658

Solely because of his race, the non-discriminatory, all inclusive “About Anything BUT Science Farce  March” Bill Nye The Gullible White Liberal Guy will be asked to take a seat in the back of the Equality/Diversity Marxists Politicization of Science Bus. The organizers have promised to set up separate but equal water fountains, restrooms and food counters for Bill and all his white male friends to use as well. Bill Nye has finally run out of friends and family to feed the crocodile and is being served up as the main dish at the “Science March’s” all you can eat banquet for hungry liberal crocodiles.

The March for Science is having a tough time deciding whether the march should focus on “diversity and inclusion” or health and climate policy.

Nye…was slated to be the March’s chair, and an announcement was made last week. But organizers quickly panicked that having Nye at the forefront of the event meant they might be substantiating the idea that scientists are only old white men.

“I love Bill Nye,” said Stephani Page, a member of the March’s board, who was critical of  what she considered the March’s lack of diversity…”He is a white male, and in that way he does represent the status quo of science, of what it is to be a scientist.”

To round out the March’s public face, then, the people in charge were forced to add two women of color as Nye’s co-chairs, “to put up a picture of science that did not just fit the white male image.”

Instead of reading and promoting pseudo-science, Bill Nye should be studying history. History does not paint a rosy picture for Useful Idiots. Once they have served their purpose, they are the first to be thrown to the crocodiles. Maybe Bill Nye should organize a march against white discrimination? The undeniable evidence is all over the headlines. Where is the EEOC and Loretta Lynch when we need them? Don’t white lives matter?maxresdefault (5)

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9 thoughts on “Bill Nye Gets Eaten By the Crocodile”

  1. 1960s liberals worked to bans discrimination based on race.
    New millenial liberals discriminate based on race to avoid the appearance of discrimination based on race, while increasing CO2 emissions in trying to ban CO2 emissions.


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