Bill Nye The Science Guy; Catastrophic Ice-Age Averted, Man-Made CO2 Saved Mankind


The conventional wisdom/consensus is that man-made/anthropogenic CO2 was/is driving the earth towards catastrophic warming. According to Bill Nye the Science Guy, however, the truth is just the opposite.

According to Bill Nye The Science Guy, man’s production of CO2 has prevented/delayed the next ice age. To put it another way, CO2 has saved mankind.

“In other words, humans have altered the climate so drastically we’ve almost certainly avoided another ice age.”

Bill Nye the Science Guy

History shows that societies collapse during cooling/ice-ages, and thrive during warming periods.

Also, cooling, not warming has historically lead to downfalls of society. There were no great civilizations during the ice age, great civilizations emerged as temperatures increased and crop yields reached the levels needed to sustain the great ancient civilizations.

The benefits of higher CO2 have already been demonstrated through much higher standards of living, the greening of the Northern Hemisphere, increased crop yields, lower food prices, longer life expectancy, and greater economic growth.  Now saving mankind from the devastation of an ice-age can be added to that list.

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6 thoughts on “Bill Nye The Science Guy; Catastrophic Ice-Age Averted, Man-Made CO2 Saved Mankind”

  1. Again, I feel as though I am in an echo chamber with you echoing my own exact sentiments and observations.

    Hope you don’t mind me asking, but I can’t find anything on your blog that gives your credentials. Are you a scientist by trade or just an interested layman? Or maybe an attorney? In any event, you are adding a lot to the debate (eviscerating the alarmists) with sound, logical reasoning.


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