The Uncertainty about Certainty


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From Scott Adam’s Blog:

The Climate Science Debate Illusion

Today I declare the climate science “debate” to be mostly an illusion.

You think you live in a world in which there are climate science skeptics on one side of the debate, and climate scientists, plus their believers, on the other side. And you think they are talking about the same thing.

That isn’t what’s happening. It’s mostly an illusion.

I mean this literally. You perceive a debate, but that is mostly a shared hallucination.

Most of you think there are two competing opinions on climate science and the two camps are arguing about the scientific details. There is a some of that happening. But for the most part, the two sides are literally imagining they are debating each other. They are actually talking about related but different things.

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5 thoughts on “The Uncertainty about Certainty”

  1. Scott has written several posts about AGW. He admits he does not understand the science. He basically uses logic to unravel the hoax. He gets tons of flak from “logic deniers”!


    1. I posted the above comment on 5/15, at 7:32pm, CST. The comment shows 5/16, 12:32. That’s 5 hours difference.

      What time zone are you in? Great Britain?


      1. Sometimes I check posts on my phone, and they do not get loaded properly so I have to wait until I get to a computer. Sorry for the delay.


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