Cosmic Ray Theory is Being Tested

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While climate alarmists will tell you the “science is settled,” in reality, it is anything but. One of the more interesting alternative theories in the “Cosmic Ray Theory.” It states that:

The connection of cosmic rays to clouds
Some researchers have held the belief that cosmic rays hitting Earth’s atmosphere create aerosols which, in turn, seed clouds and thereby help in the formation of clouds. This would make cosmic rays an important player in weather and climate

A recent study published in the Aug. 19th issue of Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics supports the idea of an important connection between cosmic rays and clouds. According to, a team of scientists from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has linked sudden decreases in cosmic rays to changes in Earth’s cloud cover. These rapid decreases in the observed galactic cosmic ray intensity are known as “Forbush Decreases” and tend to take place following coronal mass ejections (CMEs) in periods of high solar activity. When the sun is active (i.e., solar storms, CMEs), the magnetic field of the plasma solar wind sweeps some of the galactic cosmic rays away from Earth.  In periods of low solar activity, more cosmic rays bombard the earth.  The term “Forbush Decrease” was named after the American physicist Scott E. Forbush, who studied cosmic rays in the 1930s and 1940s.

The research team led by Jacob Svensmark of DTU identified the strongest 26 “Forbush Decreases” between 1987 and 2007, and looked at ground-based and satellite records of cloud cover to see what happened.  In a recent press release, their conclusions were summarized as follows: “[Strong “Forbush Decreases”] cause a reduction in cloud fraction of about 2 percent corresponding to roughly a billion tonnes of liquid water disappearing from the atmosphere.”

This theory is currently being put to the test, as the sun has become unusually quiet.


As the sun “sleeps” its reduced magnetic field allows more cosmic rays (protons) to penetrate the earth’s atmosphere and “seed” clouds.


It many be a coincidence, but the ending of the Californian drought occurred during this unusual period, an event that required biblical scale changes in the cloud patterns. Counterintuitively, an “angry” sun, one where the sun is very active with many sunspots, may actually result in global cooling, as the insulating effect of a heavy cloud layer and increased atmospheric humidity disappears. On the other hand, however, clearer skies means more warming visible light will reach the earth’s surface.

If I was going to guess, I would bet that like all other natural phenomena, time tested over billions of years, there is a reason for these effects. It strikes me that a “sleeping” sun puts out less radiation. To compensate for this lower solar output, the earth would need to compensate, and retain more of the energy that it receives during this time. The best way to do that is to blanket the earth in an insulating cloud layer. The “signature” of this would be that nights would be warmer during periods when the sun “sleeps.”

When the sun “awakes” and becomes “angry” the problem is no longer trying to keep the earth warm, the problem becomes how to cool the earth. The best way to do that is to turn off the seeding of the clouds so the insulating layer disappears. The signature of this would be that nights would be cooler during periods of an “angry” sun, as clear skies allow easy and unobstructed transportation of radiation from the atmosphere to outer-space.

Those, however, are my own personal theories and I don’t have the data to support them. Unfortunatly, neither do the climate “scientists” that would need such data to reject such a theory, something that would be needed to truly “settle” this science.


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One thought on “Cosmic Ray Theory is Being Tested”

  1. so if I get this right, solar activity modulates cosmic ray influx, cosmic rays modulate cloud formation by volatile organic particles from trees in the atmosphere. Cloud cover has a net cooling effect, but CO2 causes more clouds which cause Global Warming. Where did I go wrong?


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