How Much Wealth Do Climate Actvists and Environmental Groups Create for Society?


The benefits of fighting change are undetectable in both the atmospheric CO2 and global temperatures. We’ve spent trillions of public dollars on fighting climate change and NASA/NOAA/GISS are continuing to “adjust” temperatures upward. No amount of funding will ever stop them from “adjusting” the data. In fact, the more “adjustments” they make, the more funding they are likely to receive. Man Made Adjusted warming is a self-fulfilling enriching prophecy.

While the benefits of these trillions of dollars spent on fighting climate change are immeasurably minute, the costs in real dollars, lost jobs, destroyed lives, and missed opportunities are astronomical. Here are the stats on the coal industry alone.

The result to shareholders of the coal industry management’s failure to combat its opponents was dramatic. The market value of coal companies declined from $69 billion in 2011 to $4.8 billion in 2016 — a 93% drop in five years. Many large publicly-owned coal companies filed for bankruptcy. When the largest, Peabody Energy, emerged from bankruptcy in April 2017, shareholders had their stock zeroed out.

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