More Evidence; With Friends Like Environmentalists the Earth and Society Don’t Need Enemies


Straight from the Horse’s Mouth:

Germany Green Party co-founder and former federal Homeland Minister Otto Georg Schily warns Swiss citizens voting on energy referendum that the Energiewende is “an economic, social and ecological disaster”

Read More: Germany’s Energiewende “An Economic, Social and Ecological Disaster”, Writes Top German Socialist!

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4 thoughts on “More Evidence; With Friends Like Environmentalists the Earth and Society Don’t Need Enemies”

  1. This all nonsense and big scam “…to get money for science!” Yeah… The facts are simple:
    CO2 is a “trace gas” in air and is insignificant by definition. It would have to be increased by a factor of 2500 to be considered “significant” or “notable.” To give it the great power claimed is a crime against physical science.
    CO2 absorbs 1/7th as much IR, heat energy, from sunlight per molecule as water vapor which has 188 times as many molecules capturing 1200 times as much heat producing 99.9% of all “global warming.” CO2 does only 0.1% of it. Pushing panic about any effect CO2 could have is clearly a fraud.
    There is no “greenhouse effect” in an atmosphere. A greenhouse has a solid, clear cover trapping heat physically. The atmosphere does not trap heat as gas molecules cannot form surfaces to work as greenhouses that admit and retain energy depending on sun angle. Gases do not form surfaces as their molecules are not in contact. Only liquids and solids have molecules in contact.
    The Medieval Warming from 800 AD to 1300 AD Michael Mann erased for his “hockey stick” was several Fahrenheit degrees warmer than anything “global warmers” fear. It was 500 years of world peace and abundance, the longest ever.
    Vostock Ice Core data analysis show CO2 rises followed temperature by 800 years 19 times in 450,000 years. Therefore temperature change is cause and CO2 change is effect. This alone refutes the anthropogenic global warming hypothesis.
    Methane is called “a greenhouse gas 20 to 500 times more potent than CO2,” by Heidi Cullen and Jim Hansen, but it is not per the energy absorption chart at the American Meteorological Society. It has an absorption profile very similar to nitrogen which is classified “transparent” to IR, heat waves and is only present to 18 ppm. “Vegans” blame methane in cow flatulence for global warming in their war against meat consumption.
    Carbon combustion generates 80% of our energy. Control and taxing of carbon would give the elected ruling class more power and money than anything since the Magna Carta of 1215 AD.
    Most scientists and science educators work for tax supported institutions. They are eager to help government tax more money for them and enjoy being seen as “saving the planet.”
    Read the whole story in “Vapor Tiger” at, Kindle $2.99 including a free Kindle reading program for your computer. We have an inexpensive demo-experiment “CO2 Is Innocent,” 99 cents at, showing CO2 has no effect on IR heat absorption up to 10,000 ppm and then it cools the atmosphere by driving water vapor out as it is seven times the IR absorber/heater as CO2.
    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.


  2. Caption picture is hilarious (in a deranged sort of way); I guess those retards haven’t been around long enough (ten years old?!?) to have seen the most horribly POLLUTED spots on earth are SOCIALIST (old Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, China, India, Mexico, Haiti…)


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