The Problem with Climate Change “Science” in One Picture


From the above chart one can conclude:

  1. Climate Change is nothing new and is the norm rather than the exception
  2. Climate Change occurred before the industrial age and was more variable and severe
  3. If man is causing the recent climate change, the results have been beneficial, not detrimental
  4. Ex-President Obama and other Climate Alarmists are completely wrong when they claim droughts are getting worse
  5. There is no accurate way to determine what % of climate change is caused by man and what isn’t

h/t to the Real Science Blog for the graphic.

Sorry, I was mistaken in the title, it should have been titled “The Problem with Climate Change “Science” in TWO Pictures. Here is the other one.crop-170422_Michael_Mann_027-1492877508-article-header (1)

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