Journalistic Malpractice; Claiming Glaciers are Melting due to CO2 when there is no Warming Trend


Evidence of a glacier disappearing isn’t evidence that man is causing it, it isn’t evidence that CO2 is the cause or even evidence that it has been warming. Glaciers disappear for all sorts of reasons. The Mt Kilimanjaro glacier is disappearing and it has nothing to to with CO2 or warming, and everything to do with atmospheric humidity and wind currents. The Mt Kilimanjaro glacier it at  19,340 ft, well above the freeze line, and it never gets above freezing, and yet the glacier is disappearing. The reason being is that ice can disappear due to multiple causes other than CO2 and warming. The Mt Kilimanjaro glacier is disappearing due to “sublimation.” Blow dry air over ice and ice will “evaporate,” this is the solid-to-gas process that results in shrinking of ice cubes in your freezer.  If the Mt Kilimanjaro Glacier was truly melting, Dr. Thompson would be standing in mud, not bone dry dust, and there would be puddles and steams of water. There aren’t.070601_thompson1_vmed_1p-grid-4x21

Some Icelandic and Antarctic glaciers are melting because they are sitting on giant volcanos as discussed in a previous posting. Sea Ice in the Arctic region disappears due to wind currents blowing it out of the Arctic Ocean and into the warmer Northern Atlantic, also discussed in a previous posting. Increases in daytime temperatures and surface warming are due to incoming visible radiation and have nothing to do with CO2, so even if there is warming in Glacier National Park, it doesn’t mean CO2 is the cause. The Urban Heat Island Effect can melt a glacier and has nothing to do with CO2. Unfortunately, the “science” experts at the New York Times are conditioned to only see CO2 as the cause, and they never ask the relevant questions. The first questions these “experts” should have asked was “has it been warming over the time period of the glacier melt?”

Unfortunately, the “science” experts at the New York Times are conditioned to only see CO2 as the cause, and they never ask the relevant questions. They wrote an entire article titled “Mapping 50 Years of Melting Ice in Glacier National Park” without ever asking the most basic question of  “has it been warming in Glacier National Park over the past 50 years?” Had the “experts” at the New York Times ask that basic question they would have discovered that even though CO2 has increased from around 320 ppm to 405 ppm over the past 50 years, there has been no warming in Glacier National Park, none, regardless of what the unnamed “scientists” claim.

After the end of the Little Ice Age, glaciers across the Western United States, Canada and Europe lost ice as temperatures rebounded. But scientists have attributed more recent melting to human-caused global warming.

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The New York Times, Bill Maher, and other Climate Alarmists may find these “fake news” articles convincing, where only one side of the story is presented, and critical evidence is excluded, but thinking people and politicians shouldn’t. It is a crime to without relevant information in a legal trial, corporations would be sued if they failed to provide relevant information to the consumer about their product’s safety, food processors would be sued if they failed to list all the contents of their product, and yet the New York Times can publish an article intended to promote a political agenda that is costing the American Tax-Payer trillions of dollars, and they never even mention the temperature trend if the region, other than the deliberately misleading quote highlighted above.

If this was a trial, that would be considered “tampering with the evidence,” “failure to disclose relevant evidence,” “misleading the jury,” and outright “fraud, deceit, and deception.” The New York Times abuses their 1st Amendment Protections, and had a Trump supporting corporation behaved is a similar unethical manner, the New York Times would be running front page articles demanding prosecution. The hypocrisy displayed by the New York Times is just one reason they are failing to convince the thinking general public that Climate Change is an important public policy worthy of their support. The New York Times and their deceitful practices make them no different from the Tobacco Companies they attacked decades ago. Maybe the New York Times should be forced to carry a consumer warning “Warning: The New York Times contains Fake News and has been proven to be hazardous to your Intelligence and Wallet.”

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11 thoughts on “Journalistic Malpractice; Claiming Glaciers are Melting due to CO2 when there is no Warming Trend”

  1. A thought to ponder for the thinking man (this excludes the national main stream media):

    If at the end of the LIA, temperatures shot up globally 1 C, and ever since then had remained dead constant with no more warming and cooling cycles, as it was, the general trend would have been that the expanding glaciers would have ceased expanding, and a return to melting and receding glaciers would have commenced, and would generally continued until this day. Why? because the Earth would have remained warmer than it was prior. You don’t need continued warming, nor a human footprint on GW, for that trend to continue. And, until the Earth cools about the same, this general trend will continue. Then, it will reverse once again.


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