Environomental Groups Should Be Charged by FTC for Deceptive Advertising


Filed under “The Law Applies to Everyone, including Sanctimonious Social Justice Warriors,” the National Wildlife Federation is using false statements to generate concern about global warming and the Great Lakes. In their marketing they claim:Image677_shadow

Already, Lake Superior has increased water temperatures and an earlier onset of summer stratification by about two weeks in just the past 30 years. Within another 30 years Lake Superior may be mostly ice-free in a typical winter.

Lake Erie water levels, already below average, could drop 4-5 feet by the end of this century, significantly altering shoreline habitat.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the Great Lakes are actually gaining in volume.


Most importantly, Cleveland.com is reporting that Lake Erie is just inches away from hitting record-high water levels, and are above average, not below average as the deceptive National Wildlife Federation reports.


The FTC should file a class action consumer protection/deceptive advertising lawsuit against the National Wildlife Federation and all other environmental groups that think they are above the law and believe that they can deceive the public. Well-intentioned or not, the law is the law, and no one is allowed to use deceitful marketing practices to drum up donations…except politicians running for office.

H/T to Real Climate for the graphics and inspiration

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