Understand the Oceans, Understand the Climate, NO CO2 Needed

I’m not a climate “scientist,” never have been, never will be, but countless times on this blog I’ve pointed out that to understand the climate you must understand the oceans. The oceans are the thermostat of the earth, they are by far the largest heat sinks, and contain greater than 2,000x the energy trapped in the atmosphere. If the oceans warm, the atmosphere above the oceans warms, and the oceans and lakes cover greater than 70% of the earth’s surface. The problem the climate alarmists face is that the only defined mechanism by which CO2 can affect climate change is through absorbing IR radiation between 13 and 18µ.

The problem is, IR between 13 and 18µ doesn’t penetrate or warm water. Visible radiation, largely between  4 and 5µ, penetrates and warms the oceans. The atmosphere is warming because the oceans are warming, and the oceans are warming because more visible radiation, not IR radiation is reaching them. It is a simple input-output model, no Ph.D. in climate science is needed. Fortunately, you don’t have to take my word for it, a non-climate scientist.  The data and evidence published by “peer” reviewed “scientists” demonstrate that fact, a fact that the real climate “scientists” have chosen to ignore.

Study: U.S. climate closely follows Pacific ocean cycle known as the PDO

The Effects of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation and Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation on U.S. Regional Weather

A climate researcher at Cornell University, Remy Mermelstein has written an interesting and provocative paper showing the linkage between the Pacific Decal Oscillation (PDO) and the climate swings in the United States on a region by region basis. The results of the study can be summed up in one graph:


If climate “science” was a true science, the scientists would have ruled our the oceans first, the most obvious cause of global warming and climate change. They didn’t, they ignored them, and instead only focused on CO2. The global warming hype began in the 1980s under Margaret Thatcher to break the Coal Miners Unions’ Power, and it is now almost 40 years later that the climate “scientists” are looking at the oceans. That is scientific malpractice on an epic scale. That is like declaring war on obesity and failing to study caloric intake and exercise and only focusing on the ability of an individual to pay taxes as the cause of their obesity. Obesity is a function of one’s ability to pay taxes is the same model the climate “scientists” devised. Simply follow the money to understand the conclusion of slimate climatists sorry climate “scientists.”

Read more: Study: U.S. climate closely follows Pacific ocean cycle known as the PDO

18 thoughts on “Understand the Oceans, Understand the Climate, NO CO2 Needed”

    1. Either way, both prove it is politics, not science. Margret used the politics to break the coal union, leftists today are using it to push Marxism.


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