The Real Science Deniers


Abortion Lobby Denies Science Concerning Beginning of Human Life

In a bold new article, abortion advocates attack President Trump’s HHS plan promising protection for Americans “at every stage of life, beginning at conception” by claiming that “life doesn’t begin at conception.”

Simply put, there is no missing link in the cycle of life, life is a continuum. There are no mystical jumper cables that can somehow shock life into inanimate tissue. No biology book ever published identifies where life ceases to exist before and after fertilization. The Sperm containing the DNA from the father is alive, the Egg containing the DNA from the mother is alive, the fertilized egg is alive. At no period does life not exist. Conception is the creating of a new and unique life. A life that is totally separate from the mother’s.  The baby at no time is ever “part of a woman’s body.” The baby is hidden from the mother’s body by the placenta and amniotic fluid in order to protect the baby from the mother’s antibodies.

If the baby was part of a woman’s body, it would be impossible to have male children, babies with blood types that conflict with the mother’s, or surrogate mothers. Facts are, the baby is as much a part of the father’s body as it is the mothers, the mother is simply carrying and feeding the child internally, but they are completely separated. It is undeniable that if natural or accidental causes do not end the life a baby, the baby will be born and live a life as a new and unique individual. It is undeniable that an abortion intentionally ends that life. If your mother had had an abortion, you would not be reading this article right now. Be thankful your mother didn’t buy into the lie that your new and unique life didn’t begin at conception…because it did.

Other points:

  1. If men delivered the babies, I doubt many women would favor abortion.
  2. If stopping a baby from continued development and eventual birth isn’t killing a child, what is it?
  3. Why is a father charged with murder if his actions cause the death of his unborn child?
  4. If a surrogate mother decides to abort a baby which shares none of her DNA, how can that possibly not be murder?
  5. If a baby is born prematurely, and its life depends on and is enclosed within a life support system, is that baby then “part of the life support system?” Would unplugging the life support not be considered murder?
  6. If life doesn’t begin at conception, when does it begin and why?
  7. If a baby doesn’t share any DNA of its surrogate mother, how could that baby possibly be considered part of the surrogate’s body?
  8. If a baby is raised in a test tube, do we consider it part of the test tube?

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15 thoughts on “The Real Science Deniers”

  1. Life does not and did not start at conception. That’s a dumb idea. Life began billions of years ago. Conception means a recombination of genes, not ‘life’. Get your terms precise and problems disappear.

    Christians have the problem with soul as they assign a soul to a human and then ask when that soul is being added. Well, the trouble is in the question, which is just dumb as well.

    A cell, be it egg, fertilized egg, 2-cell phase, mitotic egg leading to twins, or whatever, is just a cell. You can’t create souls by reproducing eggs.

    It would be terrible if fertilized eggs were persons. A woman without the ability to host the egg so that it grows, would be a murderer by just having sex. Not a nice thought. You need to be careful and be sure your womb can actually give birth, otherwise you kill a soul, right?

    But letting aside this theoretical dumbness, a cell is not a human. I frankly cannot draw a line between ‘genetic material’ like a stem cell (or even computer encoded genetic code of that cell), capable of growing up to a human being, and a grown up human being, but definetely any inability to draw the line does not mean there is a great difference.


    1. “Life does not and did not start at conception. That’s a dumb idea. Life began billions of years ago. Conception means a recombination of genes, not ‘life’. Get your terms precise and problems disappear.”

      Fact, your life began at conception. If your mother had had an abortion you would not be typing your comment. Fact. Abortion kills A life, not all life. My terminology is just fine, you just seem to deliberately misrepresent my comment.

      I appreciate your comment however because they demonstrate an ignorance of biblical proportions and the decietful reasoning/sophstry that is required to convince a mother to kill her innocent child.


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