There’s a Huge Plume of Magma Bulging Against Antarctica


The first rule of modeling is to identify the most significant and obvious factors first. Only in the field of climate “science” would researchers overlook the fact that Antarctica is sitting on one very huge and very hot magma plume and the fact that the glacier is melting from beneath, and reach the conclusion that Antarctica is melting from above due to CO2 and atmospheric warming.  Ignoring the fact that Antarctica has sub-zero temperatures year round, and there has been no warming in Antarctica for over 50 years, the experts insist on blaming CO2. Why? Because there is no money in blaming natural causes. It is that simple.

Imagine drifting over Antarctica’s icy expanse. A white continent extends below you, and it’s smothered in enough frozen water to drown every coastline in the world in a 216-foot (66 meters) wave if it were to melt. But scientists now believe that, deep beneath almost 1.2 miles (2 kilometers) of ice and a relatively thin slice of rocky crust, one region of the frozen continent hides a column of red-hot magma, straining toward the surface, according to a new study…All that magma pushes against the crust in those parts of the world, causing it to bulge and pumping heat up through the ground.

That heat offered scientists the first clues that the Antarctic plume exists…

Despite its apparent icy stillness, Antarctica is alive with motion. Huge masses of frozen water slip, slide and grind with enormous pressure against the continent below, their constant motion lubricated by a complex system of rivers and lakes below the ice.

But in Marie Byrd Land, researchers found even more of that activity than the known regional heat sources could explain. Something else was cooking the ice shelf. About 30 years ago, researchers first began to suspect that a magma plume might be the cause, given the domed shape of the crust in that area.

Now, scientists know for sure.

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