Common Sense Arguments Against Man-Made Global Warming

IsraelDr. Nir Shaviv on Cambridge Debate: ‘I was quite shocked to see how the audience was so one-sided (though far less than the ridiculous 97:3 ratio we hear about!) and unwilling to listen to scientific arguments.’

Like Freeman Dyson, Dr. Shaviv’s provides validation for many of the arguments made in previous CO2isLife posts. The links in the following list highlight past CO2isLife posts. These arguments provide more evidence that when disinterested people with the educational background to understand these issues evaluate the science and data they reach the same conclusion, and that conclusion isn’t that CO2 is causing the warming.
Dr. Shaviv’s Key scientific points:

  1. ‘Evidence for warming is not evidence for warming by humans.’
  2. ‘Anyone who appeals to authority or to a majority [97% claims] to substantiate his or her claim is proving nothing.’
  3. ‘The polar bear population is now probably at its highest in modern times!’
  4. ‘There is no single piece of evidence that proves that a given amount of CO2 increase should cause a large increase in temperature.’
  5. ‘Over geological time scales, there were huge variations in the CO2 (a factor of 10) and they have no correlation whatsoever with the temperature.
  6. 450 million years ago there was 10 times as much CO2 in the atmosphere but more extensive glaciations.’
  7. ‘The simple truth is that in the height of the middle ages it was probably just as warm as the latter half of the 20th century’
  8. ‘Taking unnecessary precautionary steps when we know they are unnecessary is immoral. It is even committing statistical murder.’
  9. ‘Let us use our limited resources to treat real problems.’

Read More: Israeli Astrophysicist rejects UN IPCC

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