Sea Levels Debunk the AGW Theory


The theory goes that man is causing CO2 to increase at an increasing rate, causing temperatures to increase at an increasing rate, which caused land-based glaciers to melt at an increasing rate, which should cause sea levels to increase at an increasing rate. Everything is a second derivative argument. Because of this direct relation between temperatures and sea level rate of increase I’ve always maintained that the fact that sea levels weren’t increasing at an increasing rate, this fact provided a “Smoking Gun” debunking the AGW theory.

More research has just been published reinforcing this debunking and demonstrating that sea levels are not related to atmospheric CO2, and are not increasing at an increasing rate. In fact, they are quite stable.

A new paper by renowned Swedish sea level expert Prof. Axel Mörmer published in the International Journal of Earth & Environmental Sciences dumps lots of cold water on the premise that today’s sea level rise is caused by man and is unusual.

Mörner’s paper looks back at the last 500 years of sea level rise and shows that natural variables are the major drivers, and not man-made CO2-driven global warming.

The Swedish scientist summarizes in the paper’s abstract that there is a total absence of data supporting the notion of a present sea level rise; on the contrary, all available facts indicate present sea level stability.

The paper also states that the recorded sea level changes are anti-correlated with the major changes in climate during the last 600 years. Therefore, Mörner concludes that glacial eustasy cannot be the driving force.

Read more: Renowned Sea Level Expert: “NO TRACES OF A PRESENT RISE IN SEA LEVEL; On The Contrary: Full Stability”

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