Wasting Other People’s Money; Renewable Energy Jobs at $60 Million Each


Unfortunately, that headline isn’t a joke, and it highlights the obscene amount of waste involved in Green Energy. There are infinitely better uses for those public dollars, but because of the epically misguided green lobby, money is poured down the green rat hole with absolutely zero benefits to show.

“The Clare Solar Farm stands to get something like $340 million in subsidies over the next 13 years  for 5 jobs! That works out at $60 million a job.”

What I found interesting is that the Clare Solar Farm is owned by a Saudi billionaire, Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel. Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest oil producer, is building solar farms at tax payer’s expense in Queensland. That isn’t a joke. Why would Saudi Arabia be building solar farms when the bulk of their wealth comes from oil? Is Saudi Arabia suicidal? No. They are glad to take tax payer’s money to build solar farms because they know solar has a snowball’s chance in hell of ever being commercially viable, and will never threaten oil. If Saudia Arabia truly thought solar had a chance they would do what Abu Dhabi did and try to undermine the industry by funding movies like the anti-fracking Promised Land.

The WSJ has a new article out about Germany’s Energiewende:

“Astronomical costs:

By any measure this is an astonishing failure of Communist dimensions. The WSJ editorial board writes of “astronomical costs” in return for nothing.

By one estimate, businesses and households paid an extra €125 billion in increased electricity bills between 2000 and 2015 to subsidize renewables, on top of billions more in other handouts.

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