Slimate Clience Nonsense; “The List” Continued

Child Brides

Years ago I learned of “The List,” which is a website that tracked all the ridiculous claims made by slimate climatists. Unfortunately, “The List” is no longer being updated. Going forward, I will attempt to continue the effort started by “The List” and document all the nonsense coming out of the Slimate Clientists.

The original “List”: A complete list of things caused by global warming

The following is a list of recent largely tax-payer funded slimate clience nonsense:

Why climate change is creating a new generation of child brides
Solve climate change … make people smaller
Bearded Dragons Are Dumber Because of Climate Change
Claim: ‘Climate Change Could Increase Volcano Eruptions’
How climate change could cause a pumpkin shortage
Rising Seas Could Submerge the Oldest English Settlement in the Americas
Climate change morphing the skulls of mice
‘Gender justice:’ ‘To combat climate change, increase women′s participation’
Scientists Say Earth Is Doomed — Just Like They Did 25 Years Ago
Global Warming Blamed for ‘Extremely Cold Temperatures’ in Vineyards
Climate Change Might Lower Salaries
Claim: Peeing in the Shower will Help Save the Climate
Climate change driving record snows in Alaskan mountains
Starving Santa’s Reindeer that have forgotten how to dig in snow
The End of White Christmases
Climate change study predicts refugees fleeing into Antarctica
Will we run out of CHOCOLATE? Experts predict treat will disappear in 30 years

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