The True Face of Fascism is Socialist Big Government Not Conservative Small Government


If you read nothing more than this sentence of the article, the common denominator of almost all self-inflicted humanitarian atrocities requires a strong centralized Government that doesn’t respect human rights. Without a strong central government, there would have been no Holocaust, no Holodomor,  Killing Fields, Great Leap Forward, Cultural Revolution, North Korean continued mass starvation, Tiananmen Square, Soviet Purges, WWII, and the list goes on and on. The common denominator is Big Government Kills.Joseph-Stalin-Quotes-1

To understand Fascism, one has to know history and the origin of the word Fascism. The origin of the word is the Roman Symbol of absolute power the “Fasces.” The symbolism of the Fasces is all one needs to know to understand just what exactly Fascism is, and how to spot it. The symbolism is simple, and demonstrated in the recent movie “Rise of the Planet of the Apes.”

The Fasces is constructed by binding fragile individual reeds together into a strong club or handle, and an ax is added to increase lethality or ability to do more work. Basically, a “whole is greater than the sum of its parts” concept. The concept is captured in the American motto “United We Stand, Divided We Fall,” and most often celebrated during times of War. During the Roman Republic Era and before the standing Army introduced by Marius, when Rome was threatened a term-limited dictator of absolute power would be chosen to defend society. The most famous of which was Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus, who was granted a 6-month dictatorship in order to defeat the invading Aequi. Cincinnatus, after defeating the Aequi in just 15 days, immediately surrendered the Fasces and returned to the fields that he farmed. The peaceful and voluntary transition of power inspired President George Washington and is the foundation of our electoral process today.

The Early Roman Republic, Cincinnatus, Washington, and America are examples of the positive application of Fascist principles, unity for the collective security of society. Modern Fascism, unfortunately, doesn’t draw its inspiration from Cincinnatus and the early Roman Republic, it draws from the conquest defined Imperial Rome and the undemocratic era of the Emperors.

The use of fasces by the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini is quite another story. In 1921, he called his political movement Fasci di combattimento, fascio being the Italian word for peasant organizations and labor unions. When il duce chose the ancient Roman fasces as symbol of the fascist party, he was at the same time playing with the similarity of the words fascio and fasces, chosing an ancient symbol, and drawing a parallel between fascism and progressive movements of the past.

The defining characteristic of Imperial Rome and Modern Fascism is an omnipotent Central Government. Fascism is a Nanny State on Steroids. It is the Biggest of Big Government. Fascism requires the collective surrendering of individual rights for the “Greater Good.” The MO of Modern Fascists is to put the control of all critical institutions of Society under the control of a Central Authority. Those critical institutions include but are not limited to:

1. The Government: Controlled by an often elected Leader, who later changes the laws to end future elections. Castro promised fair and free elections as he fought to take control of Cuba. Hitler never received a majority of the votes in any of his elections, yet was able to use manufactured crisis to get the German people to surrender their individual freedoms and right to vote.

2. The Media: Fascists have to control the flow of information and use propaganda to communicate a unified message. A message that is designed to promote the “common good” as decided by the Central Authority. If Trump was a “Fascist” as the leftists claim, the entirety of the Press would be sentenced to hard labor in a prison camp. The fact that the leftwing media feel safe calling President Trump a “fascist” pretty much proves he Isn’t.

3. The Educational System: Fascists have to control the educational system to indoctrinate the people with a common core of beliefs and understandings. Programs like school choice run counter to this essential aspect of Fascism. Under Fascism, the truth and education are irrelevant, indoctrination is the objective.

4. The Church: Under Fascism, the Individual is a ward of the State. The Individual is to serve the State, not some other higher power. Under the US Constitution God grants man unalienable rights, man then creates government to protect, preserve and enforce those rights. That system is the antithesis of Fascism. Under Fascism, that system is flipped upside down and God is removed. Under Fascism, Government grants man any rights that he may have, and God is removed from the equation. Ancient Fascist states the Emperor would often declare himself a God. Henry VIII made the Church of England, putting the Church under the rule of the State, and providing the inspiration for the 1st Amendment preventing the Government from establishing a National Religion. Hitler persecuted the Priests that would not fall in line with his preachings, Castro simply expelled the Catholic Church from Cuba.  “Christ has come to us through Adolph Hitler.”

5. Science and Technological Research: The NAZI medical research and military technology are the basis of countless horror and Sci-fi movies and books. The unfortunate reality, however, is that the Holocaust is the result of the progressive Science Theory du jour of the early 1900’s, Eugenics. Planned Parenthood, the KKK, and Nazis all share the common politicized science thread of Eugenics.


6. The Industrial and Information Industries: Hitler had his Volkswagen or “People’s Car.” Hitler’s war machine was the result of his ability to redirect Germany’s industry away from plowshares to swords, tanks, guns, and bullets. Fortunately, America did a far better job in redirecting her productive capacity and easily outproduced the German war machine. D-Day was on 06/06/1944 and VE-Day was 08/05/1945, and we were fighting another war in the Pacific at the same time. Google is a classic example of Fascism on a micro level.

7. Labor Unions: The real name of the Nazis is “National Socialist German Workers’ Party.” Hitler used the unions much like ANTIFA is being used today, to strike, disrupt, stir discontent and use violent acts to force change. Hitler had his SA and Brownshirts to manufacture crisis, fomenting civil unrest, and manipulating public opinion resulting in the eventual surrender of individual and democratic rights. Once in power, labor unions were banned. Sorry Fans of Communism, Lenin and Stalin also banned Labor Unions. 

8. Entertainment and the Arts: “Panis et Circenses” means bread and circuses. The Romans kept their people in line by entertaining and feeding them. The Roman Coliseum is legendary for its brutality, and it was all done in an effort to keep the people distracted from the fact that they are being used by the ruling elites. Hitler was a failed artist, but he very effectively used Artists to craft one of the greatest propaganda campaigns in history. Tyrants use artists to litter the public spaces with portraits and statues of their human rulers in an effort to make them seem almost godlike.

9. Collectivism: The common belief Nazis of being “right-wing” is re-writing history on a biblical scale. The 1930’s political struggles in Europe were between the far left and the very far left in modern equivalents. The battle in German was between the Communists (World Socialists) and the Nazis (National Socialists). Both were collectivist oriented and Socialists, the only difference was that the National Socialists wanted to preserve their National Identity, whereas the Communists did not. The political battle of the 1930s is analogous to Hillary vs Bernie and has no relevance to the Democrats vs Republican disagreements. The Nazis and Communists were fighting for the same voters, the hearts and minds of the Socialists. Capitalism empowers the individual and is the antithesis of the collectivist-minded Communism and Socialism. Unrestricted abortion is the closest thing to the Holocaust existing in today’s society, and it is used as a litmus test for the political left.

10. Book Burnings and Extreme Censorship: Under Fascism, the only opinion that counts and can be expressed is the opinion deemed favorable for the greater good as deemed by the State. You are far more likely to discover Big-Foot on a college campus today than a Conservative. Conservatives are openly discriminated against, and the political left encourages their censorship.

11. Healthcare, Food, Energy, social security/welfare/income and Housing: Totalitarian Governments need to control the essentials of life to control the people. The purpose isn’t to improve the lives of the people, it is to expand the control of the state over the individual. Welfare hasn’t decreased the poverty rate, it has only increased dependency. Just visit an Indian Reservation to see totalitarian fascism at its best. A once proud people have been reduced to servitude and dependency. How did they end up that way? The Government robbed them of the ability to remain self-sufficient. The Native American’s  society centered around and was dependent upon the Buffalo. The Government simply went out and killed the buffalo. Bottom line, control the base of the hierarchy of needs pyramid, and you control all of the person. Fascists don’t empower the individual, they empower the government over the lives of the individual.maslowhh_0

12. Obey: Dystopian Novels often replace people’s names with numbers. The symbolism is clear, the individual unimportant, the state is all that matters. Step out of line, and the consequences can be catastrophic. In order to enforce obedience, and extensive surveillance and police-state are needed. The following graphic is an example of Fascism in practice.

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A prominent glaciologist is facing criminal charges in Argentina after he released a glacier survey that angered environmental activists because it didn’t result in the closing of a gold mine.

A federal judge charged Ricardo Villalba, who headed the Institute of Snow, Ice and Environmental Research (IANIGLA), with “abusing his authority and violating his duty as a civil servant,”

Read More: Scientist Faces Criminal Charges Because Environmentalists Didn’t Like His Work

13. Most important for a Fascist Government to take hold…they must disarm the populous. People must be incapable of fighting back, they must be made subservient. Japan didn’t invade the U.S. because the US had an armed citizenry, and no country in their right mind ever would as long as we all hold guns.

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14. The family unit and love must be dissolved. The person must effectively marry the government. Children are taken away from their parents and raised as agents of the state, often being encouraged to report on their parents for their “thought crimes.”

For Fascism to take root, one needs a demoralized society. One needs a crisis to take advantage of. People have to be willing to sacrifice their individual freedoms and submit to a savior. Fascist Nations are characterized by their “Cult of Personality” where they blindly obey their leaders whose pictures and statues are omnipresent. The MO uses by many Fascist Leaders is to manufacture a crisis, and create the conditions where society will willingly surrender their freedoms for more security. This was the tactic used by Senator Palpatine/The Dark Sith Lord in Star Wars to take control of the Empire.

The Fascist MO is to stay hidden until they have taken power, and once that happens, it is too late. Castro seized power promising Freedom and Democracy, his people got neither. Democrats follow a similar tactic of hiding from the public their true agenda, as detailed in the Progressive Policy Institute’s “Politics of Evasion” white paper, and reflected in the Fabian Socialists symbol being a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing. How a Fascist can manufacture a crisis is detailed in Cloward and Pivin’s “Weight of the Poor” and how to train the radicles to stir up discontent is detailed in Saul Alynski’s “Rules for Radicals” a book dedicated to Lucifer. The progressive left has the blueprint for takeover already outlined, they just need the right crisis.

Stalin Devil

One last historical note is that Nazi Germany was inspired by Fascist Italy. Hitler’s idol, mentor, and inspiration was Benito Mussolini. Fascist Italy was formed in 1925 with Mussolini its Dictator, long before Hitler’s rise to power.  Mussolini was always a Socialist, and in no way would be associated with the Political Right-wing in America. His closest ally in America would be Bernie Sanders. Nazi Germany and Communist Russia were allies at the start of WWII. Only when Hitler’s lust for power overwhelmed him did he turn on his World Socialist ally.

30 October: Mussolini manages to turn luck and division into an invitation to run the Italian government. Hitler notes his success.MussoliniAndHitler

Bottom line; pro-smaller limited government, pro-free market, pro-individual rights, pro-constitution and pro-life conservatives are about as far from true Fascism as you can get.

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33 thoughts on “The True Face of Fascism is Socialist Big Government Not Conservative Small Government”

  1. Left it that both Hitler and Mussolini admired American Progressives the true inspiration for their acts and beliefs. Both Woodrow Wilson and FDR as well as many of the East Coast academic elitists were awe struck of both Hitler and Mussolini. Read The Big Lie by Dinesh Disouza Dr more references and background.

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  2. Thinking back to sixty years or so when I took Latin at school (I’ve even got an “O” level!) we were informed by our classics master that the symbolism of the Fasces was that the many weak reeds bound together surrounding the axe represented the power of the many citizens when united, with the axe representing the power of the workers that was wielded by this unity.

    Practically ideologically identical to the hammer and sickle of the USSR, in fact.

    The Fasces was ceremonially brought into the Senate when it convened and placed on a table in front of the Senators to remind them that their power that they wielded was in fact that of the Roman people themselves, hence the slogan “SPQR“, standing for “Senatus PopulusQue Romanum”, ie “the Senate And the People of Rome” which can be seen on the standards carried by the Roman legions.


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