How Slimate Clience and the NFL Kneelers are Related


CO2 is Life has always maintained that to understand Slimate Clience, one must understand the politics, not the science.  The very foundation of the Progressive Left is Anti-Capitalism/Free-Markets. Anti-Capitalism/Free-Markets and Eugenics inspired Abortion are simply the definitional issues of the Progressive Left. Neither issue moves society forward or creates jobs, but those are the two issues they rely on to maintain power. The agenda then is very simple; identify every institution that makes free-market based America great, and undermine it.  That tactic was detailed in “Current Communist Goals” entered in the Congressional Record 1963 and the book The Naked Communist.

Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35

January 10, 1963

Current Communist Goals

Because the Progressives are effectively Socialists and don’t rely on the free-market to make their agenda issues self-sustainable, they depend on redistribution over the creation of wealth. That is why Progressives are always for bigger government and Conservatives are always for smaller government, the Government is effectively the employer or Sugar Daddy of the Progressive left, and the Conservatives end up creating the wealth that gets redistributed. Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood, Law and Environmental Firms don’t create jobs, they redistribute public funds to their causes. Sierra Club doesn’t waste their money on the economic fantasies of Wind and Solar Power, they elect politicians what will waste public funds on those projects.

The very fact that progressives turn to the Government over the Free Market pretty much proves they know from the start that it is an economic boondoggle, otherwise they would file for patents, build manufacturing facilities and make fortunes. They don’t, they publish magazines and fundraising/donation mailers. They spend more on ink, stamps and Lawyers than they do producing an actual useful good or service. The very fact that they don’t rely on a Free Market solution pretty much guarantees that their solutions won’t be sustainable, and they are pursuing a Quixotic venture from the start. But hey, it makes them feel so sanctimoniously superior, wasting other people’s money and defending the killing of the innocent.

Green energy “disillusionment”
In summary, Sinn claims it is unrealistic to believe that Germany can power itself with only wind and sun due to their immense supply volatility and that it is already a huge challenge in itself just to replace coal, oil and gas for producing electricity. Coal, oil and gas for electricity make up only a puny 12.8% of German total energy demand

The ironic reality is that Progressives and their Policies are basically parasitic, and completely dependent upon the Capitalist Host on which their survival depends. China appears to have figured this out with their “State Capitalism.” The Communists figured out that the only way to fund a Communist Government is by exploiting Capitalism, with the Government being the sole shareholder and enforcing the decision of the board of directors with a ruthless military.

The Socialist Utopias promoted by the Progressive Left all share one common denominator, that being their success depends upon Capitalism and Conservative Policy Policies.  Canada only spends a small fraction of their GDP on the Military, Drugs, Medical Instruments and has an unbelievably restrictive immigration policy. It is easy for Socialism to offer “Free Healthcare” when you have a small healthy highly educated and restricted population, outsource the R&D costs for drugs and medical instruments to the US, limitless natural resources especially trees and oil that aren’t sequestered, redirect military spending to social services because you have no fear of invasion, no illegal immigration problem, and the largest capitalist market on your border.

The Utopian Scandinavian Countries as well are all living off their fortunate history of being Capitalist before turning to Socialism.   The populations of these countries measure in the low millions (none have more than 10 million people), and the natural resources they control are enormous. The North Sea Oil has been very good to Scandanavia…but its is slowly becoming exhausted. Much of the foundational wealth of these countries comes from plundered European Wealth during the Viking Era. The most striking metric I’ve found however is that the Sovereign Wealth Fund of Norway controls 1.3% or all Global Equities. It is easy for a Country of 5 million people to be socialist when you are sitting on a vast oil field, have tight immigration, a highly educated work-force, and own 1.3% of the rest of the Capitalist World. Unfortunately, that model so often promoted by the Progressive Left isn’t applicable to the US in any form what so ever. Oh, and did I mention, the Scandinavian countries don’t really spend money on their military either. They know the Capitalist Nations will do their fighting fight for them.

Norway Pension

The other source of funding for Progressives is inherited money, which is an irresistible attractant to socialite sycophants. The best example of this is the Rockefeller Foundation, which has now turned to smearing the legacy of their founder, and pouring fortunes down the alternative energy rat hole. JD Rockefeller would be rolling over in his grave if he knew what his descendants would do. JD Rockerfeller saved the Whales, improved the safety of heating and lighting homes, helped develop gasoline and the internal combustion energy, and greatly improved the lives of every human being on earth since then.

There is no way his greatness and impact on the human condition will ever be reached by his Grand and Great Grand Children, who have apparently grown up with what appears to be a mentally crippling inferiority complex. Being compared to JD must have been awful, so like developmentally arrested rebellious teenagers, they resort to rebelling against their parents to prove their independence. My bet is these trust fund Einsteins will be broke within a couple of generations. Sure their Syncophant Buddies will be cheering them on and partying hard while they go broke, but the end result is they will be broke with nothing to show for it but a much-worsened inferiority complex. “Artist” George Vanderbilt spent his inheritance on the Biltmore, a palatial estate that he couldn’t afford, which is now used by the Family as a Museum and Event Center. It is a living monument to Fools and their Money that come dime a dozen.

A charitable fund of the Rockefeller family – who are sitting on a multibillion-dollar oil fortune – has said it will withdraw all its investments from fossil fuel companies.

The Rockefeller Family Fund, a charity set up in 1967 by descendants of John D Rockefeller, said on Wednesday that it would divest from all fossil fuel holdings “as quickly as possible”.

The fund, which was founded by Martha, John, Laurance, Nelson and David Rockefeller, singled out ExxonMobil for particular attention describing the world’s largest oil company as “morally reprehensible”.

Now turning to the Kneelers, how do they work into Slimate Clience? The Kneelers and Slimate Clienceboth follow the Progressive Tactic of generating a cause to raise revenues for their cause. The blatantly political Kneelers are particularly tragic because it is a missed opportunity to address some real issues. The reason the Kneelers give for their protests is the vague claim police racism and brutality. This is at best a false narrative, and at worst a deliberate effort to distract from the complete and utter failure of the Obama Administration to address the real problems facing the black community.

The Kneelers love to point to the claim that Black Men are disproportionally shot by Police, and represent nearly 25% of the deaths, but are only 6% of the population. Anyone with an ounce of common sense would see the flaw in that model, but to the progressives that rely on exploiting the fears, insecurities, and vulnerabilities of minorities, this is false narrative is propaganda gold. Progressives don’t seek to educate, calm, and heal racial divides, they seek to tear open old wounds and pour salt in them. They want to anger, they want resentment, and they want a motivated electorate energized by complete and utter ignorance.

Anyone that spends any time studying the issues would recognize the common denominator and causative factor isn’t race, it is being a criminal and resisting arrest, often with a lethal weapon.  If you 1) Aren’t a Criminal 2) Aren’t Arresting Arrest and 3) aren’t armed with a lethal weapon, the chances of you getting shot or killed by a Police Office is basically non-existent. Yes, there are very very few tragic incidences where that model doesn’t hold, but those events are the rare exception, and not the rule as the Kneelers are attempting to make it. Stereotyping all Police Officers as racist is just that, stereotyping, and the Progressives are the first to argue against profiling of any form…except when it promotes their political agenda.

“In 74 percent of all fatal police shootings, the individuals had already fired shots, brandished a gun or attacked a person with a weapon or their bare hands,” the paper reported in 2015. “Another 16 percent of the shootings came after incidents that did not involve firearms or active attacks but featured other potentially dangerous threats.”

Listening to Larry Elder the other day, he was able to reflexively rattle off the real issues facing the Black Community, the issues the Kneelersconveniently ignore. In lightening speed Larry states that a Single Parent Home is 1)  5x as likely to live in Poverty 2) 10x and likely to have a child drop out of High School and 3) 20x more likely to have a child end up in jail.  He largely blamed the welfare state for these problems and the fact that many Women have chosen to marry the US Government and not a man. Bill Clinton used to mention a similar stat where if a person 1) Does not drop out of High Schools 2) Does not get married until they are in their 20’s and 3) doesn’t have children until they are married, the chances of that family ending up in poverty was very low.

The bottom line is, the statistics for the black community are horrific, and because the Progressives have no answers to the real problems facing the Black Community they turn to Stereotyping and Profiling the Police.

  1. The # Cause of Death of a Young Black Man is another Young Black Men
  2. There is a 70%+ Illegitimacy Rate in the Black Community
  3. Democratic Controlled Inner Cities and their Schools are Disasters
  4. Inner City Drop Out Rates are Appalling
  5. Blacks are Disproportionately Represented on Welfare
  6. 25% of Young Black Men have Criminal Records
  7. And the list goes on and on and on

Progressive’s Solutions to the above Real Problems? Call the Police Racist

Progressives have no answers to the problems of the Black Community because the problems of the Black Community are a direct and intended result of the progressive policies implemented back in the early 1960s. Johnson is claimed to have said that the  Civil Rights Bills would have “the Blacks(sic) voting Democrat for the next 200 years.” While people may debate the accuracy of that statement, the results of the policies his “Negro Family Report” supported are undeniable. The Progressives effectively broke up the black family and turned our inner cities into African American Reservations, not unlike the Indian reservations…only with plumbing, air-conditioning, WiFi and a free ride to the voting booth on election day.

The Kneelers are clearly politically motivated to “Resist” Trump, offer no real solution to the real problems facing the Black Community, and like Global Warming have a hidden agenda to raise funding for liberal causes. The plight of the Black Community is nothing more than a front, just like Saving the Earth is a front for the Watermelon Environmental crowd hyping up Climate Change. Jessie Jackson mastered this technique when he would threaten to call a Corporation Racist unless they made a “donation” to his organization. This, in fact, is effectively what just happened, and the NFL caved by offering to “donate” $100 Million to “Progressive” causes if the Kneelers would stop. Apparently, someone didn’t get the memo, and the payoff failed.

The NFL tried buying their players off with nearly $100 million so they’d stop kneeling and protesting at games … but apparently it didn’t work.

The NFL recently proposed a deal in which they’d contribute $89 million over seven years to 2 organizations focused on African-American causes, as well as to the Players Coalition so they could use the money for whatever causes they wanted.

In exchange, the NFL wanted the National Anthem protests to end — but the deal seems to have failed. Many players continued to kneel and demonstrate during this week’s games.

The L.A. Chargers’ left tackle Russel Okung raised his fist during the National Anthem Sunday, and the Oakland Raiders’ Marshawn Lynch remained seated for the song. L.A. Rams player Robert Quinn raised his fist as well, and other players linked arms in solidarity.

Bottom line, the Progressives and Kneelers are as likely to improve the condition of the Black Community as the Watermelon Environmentalists are to “Save the Earth” from Global Warming/Climate Change. Solving the problem is 100% counterproductive. The continuation of the cause is necessary to continue fundraising and winning elections. Progressives need a Boogey Man, Castro needed the US, Palestinians need Isreal, North Korea needs South Korea and the US. Progressives need an enemy to oppose to keep their supporters living in fear, making donations and voting. As long as America refuses to accept this truth, nothing the Progressives do will ever improve a problem. They will simply be allowed to continue manufacturing problems with no solutions like fighting Climate Change and ending Racism, dividing the Nation, and slowly move America to an unsustainable Socialist Society that will certainly collapse faster and far more violently than the former USSR. Ironically, President Trump has Black Unemployment at a 17 year low and has restored America to 3+% economic growth by simply unwinding the job-killing policies of Obama. Progressives simply can’t afford to have President Trump prove to America just what a complete and utter failure the Obama Era was.

If the Kneelers and Progressives were sincere about improving the condition of the Black Community they would promote agenda items like:

  1. School Choice so the Innercity Children and escape the failed inner city schools that are robbing them of job opportunities
  2. Tax policies that would result in the revitalization of the inner cities
  3. Reform Welfare so it doesn’t result in breaking up the family
  4. Discourage illegitimacy, reward Marriage
  5. Promote Policies that result in a strong vibrant and diverse economy, not ones that pick winners and losers, increase costly job-killing regulations, and don’t produce commercially viable products, i.e. Wind and Solar
  6. Direct public funding towards real problem with real solutions like School Choice and Job Training Programs
  7. Promote policies that reduce the regressive inflation tax like fracking and drilling in ANWR, not policies that make light bulbs cost $10 or more
  8. Support Politicians that Grow the Economy, not Resdistribute it.
  9. Support Politicians whose policies empower and enable the individual over the Politicians that want to control every aspect of your life

The Black Community has been supporting the Democratic Party for the last 50 years and the results are horrific. If the Kneelers and Progressives really cared about the Black Community they would be suggesting a change in direction, not more of the same. Unfortunately, the goals of the Kneelers and Progressives isn’t to help the Black Community, it is to undermine the President whose policies stand to greatly improve the black community.

Black Unemployment Rate Lowest in 17 Years
WIC Welfare Participation Hits 17-Year Low
Trump wants to spend millions more on school vouchers.
Trump Unveils Apprenticeship Overhaul
Democrats cool to Trump’s infrastructure pitch

What did the Black Community get for their Obama Vote? Expensive Lightbulbs and Wind and Solar Farms. The Blacks didn’t even vote for President Trump and he is delivering far more for their Community than President Obama could ever have dreamed of accomplishing. One offered symbolic rhetoric directed at enforcing false narratives, Trump offers real solutions to real problems in an effort to Make America Great Again, an America that includes Black, White, Red and Brown Americans. All of America benefits from President Trump’s Policies, All of America suffered under President Obama. All President Trump had to do in his first year of office was to stop what President Obama was doing and the economy and the Black Community are rapidly recovering. Just wait until the Tax Cuts get implemented and we actually get to see what his policies will deliver.

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