EU must not burn the world’s forests for ‘renewable’ energy

clear cutting Forests

Unfortunately, this isn’t a joke. The EcoFriendly EU seeks to allow the Stone Age Fuel of Wood to be classified as a “renewable fuel.

The European Union is moving to enact a directive to double Europe’s current renewable energy by 2030. This is admirable, but a critical flaw in the present version would accelerate climate change, allowing countries, power plants and factories to claim that cutting down trees and burning them for energy fully qualifies as renewable energy.

Even a small part of Europe’s energy requires a large quantity of trees and to avoid profound harm to the climate and forests worldwide the European council and parliament must fix this flaw.

The absolute absurdity of this approach proves beyond any reasonable doubt the pure folly of the renewable energy movement. They clearly don’t think through the consequences of their actions.

It also proves just how environmentally friendly oil production is. This Image is of Oil City, the place where Oil was discovered in America. Basically, it is a nice dense forest today. This is an image of Oil City 100 Years ago, it was a disaster. The point being, however, is that during the oil production era, a relatively small spot of land produced the energy equivalent of cutting down millions and millions of acres of forests, and when the oil ran out, we got our Forests back. Same for ANWR and the Arctic, putting an oil rig on permafrost or even ice will leave no lasting mark, and their Environmental Footprint is barely measurable compared to the total devastation using wood would cause.

Bottom line, substituting Wood for Oil is the most environmentally counterproductive approach I have ever read. Unfortunately, this kind of absolute stupidity is what I’ve come to expect from the Progressive Left. With friends like environmentalists, the World doesn’t need enemies. There is nothing “Progressive” about repeating the Stone Age. Progressives are the true Neanderthals. A Progressive Fuel would be Nuclear.

Another Source: Stop Burning Forests! Burn Natural Gas!

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