The True Cost of Fighting Climate Change is Measured in Missed Opportunities

Don Q

While the actual cost of funding this Quixotic War on Climate Change is measured in the Trillions of Dollars, the real cost is in missed opportunities. Imagine if instead of funding counterproductive climate change departments in our Universities we instead funded the Physics and Chemistry Departments to develop Fusion Reactors? My bet is that had we properly used our public resources to actually develop a viable energy alternative to petroleum and coal we would already have one. Instead, we have poured fortunes down the wind and solar rat holes.

Here is some promising research which would be a far better investment than Wind and Solar Farms.

A team of researchers has a plan to achieve nuclear fusion that actually produces energy, and their proposal looks very different from the fusion projects the world has already seen.

If the team is right, its strange, spherical hydrogen-boron reactor could be built in useful form before any ongoing conventional fusion projects reach completion.

The secret behind the new reactor design? It relies on completely different elements than older projects do, and it uses different methods to heat up its core.

Read More: Nuclear Sphere: Weird Globe Could Revolutionize Fusion Energy

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