Alarmist Predictions Aren’t Even In The Ball Park


What is truly alarming is how the slimate clientists can continue to make nonsensical and extremely inaccurate predictions, and yet maintain some public support. I have demonstrated that The Guardian can publish articles making alarmist claims and support them with quotes that prove just the opposite. The truth, facts, and experimental and empirical results simply don’t matter to the climate alarmist crowd.


Like The Guardian, Newsweek appears desperate and is currently claiming that the earth is headed to becoming a desert. That claim demonstrates an ignorance of geology, chemistry, physics, biology and basic science on a biblical scale. CO2 used to be 7000 ppm during the Cambrian, and 1500 ppm during the Jurassic through Cretacious periods. These were likely the greenest, wettest and liveliest times in earth’s history. Warmer air holds more water. More CO2 means more and denser vegetation. Animals grew to enormous heights to take advantage of the towering vegetation that grew.

The expected result of more CO2 is exactly what is happening, a greening of the globe, not a drying. More CO2 allows plants to grow further up mountains due to more CO2 at higher altitudes and in dryer climates due to the shrinking of their stomata density reducing the rate of transpiration.


More precipitation, not more drought, is what is expected with more CO2, and that is exactly what has been happening. Once again, more CO2 allows for more vegetation to grow. Vegetation is a major contributor to atmospheric humidity. Warmer air also holds more water vapor. There is no mechanism by which more CO2 would result in more deserts and a drier climate. None. Plants die when CO2 falls below 150 ppm. If you want to see a global desert, drop CO2 below 150 ppm and watch every green acre of farmland turn to dust, and watch the clouds disappear from the sky allowing the drying visible radiation to bake the dirt during the day. Drop the temperatures and an ice age will rapidly remove habitable land from the map Bottom line, CO2 isn’t the villain, CO2 is a savior. CO2, after all, is plant food, on which all of humanity depends.

The Guardian, Newsweek, and self interested Slimate Clientists prove that America is in serious need of improving its education in scientist and critical thinking. The press no longer appears to be concerned with the truth and exposing corruption, they are taking an active role in deceiving the public and enabling the corruption. It is unlikely that any free society will remain so in the long run if the Press sides with the tyrants over the public. Germany is proving following the path to a “green economy” is following a path to ruin. Others should not follow.

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