Climate Change Double Standard Double Speak Proves Slimate Clience is a Fraud


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At CO2 is Life we’ve maintained that Slimate Clience isn’t a true “science” but is simply the liberal cause du jour. Climate Change is a political movement, not a scientific pursuit. One week liberals are promoting the foundation of Nazism Eugenics, then they are spitting on our soldiers returning from Vietnam, then they are celebrating the “victory” of protecting the “right” to partial-birth abortions, then they are defending Bill Clinton against rape charges, then they are making Sexual Harassment the political issue to defeat Donald Trump, then they are fearing a coming ice age, then global warming, then climate change, and now climate crisis. More recently they liberals have been destroying the NFL and ESPN, beating people in the street for exercising their right to assemble, and burning down Berkeley because they disagree with a planned speaker. Other major contributions to society liberals have made are bullying Christian bakers, misrepresenting heinous crimes as hate crimes, framing innocent WHITE college students, creating an “Affordable” Care Act that is anything but, and the list goes on. Trying to understand the liberal mind is futile if you apply reason, logic, facts, analysis, science and common sense.

To understand climate change you must understand the liberal mind, and to do that you have to understand politics and psychology. First and foremost, liberals suffer from crippling delusions of grandeur combined with epic inferiority complexes. Liberals, after all, spend a lifetime with people laughing behind their backs about the liberal arts degree that they hold, so they overcompensate. That is why they are so susceptible to grand quixotic ventures to “save the planet.” Only the genius of the liberal brain can understand that to save the world we must ban plastic water bottles and the production of CO2. They stew over all the styrofoam cups being discarded as they work at Starbucks as baristas. Liberals are also herd animals longing to belong to any group that will accept them, any group that is, except Christian Conservatives. Liberals will also promote one agenda in public and hold totally different personal views, being a member of the herd is infinitely more important than being an individual.

To prove their sanctimonious superiority they will go to extreme measures to prove their position on the moral high ground over Conservatives. The results are events like San Francisco sentencing the killer of Kate Steinle to time served, and feminists supporting Hijabs and Islam. They also ruined the Star Wars franchise by pushing their nauseating sanctimonious social justice agenda. To understand the liberal mindset all you have to do is ask yourself “what position would a conservative take?” And then take the exact opposite position. You simply “resist.” It literally is that easy, and Tammy Bruce did an outstanding job documenting that fact in her book “Death of Right and Wrong.” She left the NOW LA Chapter after the feminist organization refused to take a position in the OJ Simpson murder case. That same phenomenon can be witnessed today as Rap Music has gone almost completely unnoticed to the “MeToo” crowd.

This kind of cognitive dissonance also dominates the topic of Climate Change. Just recently President Trump made a mocking “Tweet” about the record cold hitting the East Coast and the Global Warming Alarmists.


The liberals stoned on Kool-Aid went berserk, attacking President Trump for not knowing the difference between climate and weather.


Climate “Expert” Al Gore then Tweeted about Climate Guru Michael Mann’s new article about how the record cold is in fact evidence and the expected outcome of global warming, sorry climate change. I cover that article in another post. Liberals didn’t attack Al Gore or Michael Mann, they just believe it when Al says it, and don’t believe it when President Trump says it. They are like unthinking Pod People, blindly obeying a central authority, never really thinking about their actions, they just follow instructions.

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Liberals can take one position, that the recent record cold is normal and natural, when they are taking the position opposite of President Trump. Liberals can then take the exact opposite position when they are defending Al Gore and Michael Mann. The position a liberal will take isn’t dependent upon the science, data or facts, the position a liberal will take is dependent upon who is making the claim. If Conservative believe the facts point to climate change being a fraud, liberals will defend it to the death as scientific truth. Liberals are so oblivious to the facts that The Guardian recently published an article about global warming and defended their position by using quotes that disprove the very position they were intended to defend.

The Guardian could have run an article stating that lead will float, and then made a video demonstrating that lead sinks like a rock, and its readers would have simply continued to believe lead can float. The complete and absolute lack of critical thinking that supports this leftist climate change movement is truly frightening. Fortunately, the liberals on the East Coast are being given a very hard to ignore warning that preparing for global warming while the real threat is global cooling can be very very very dangerous. Wind and solar won’t heat your home, power your cars, and plow the snow off the streets. Oil, Coal, Nuclear, and Gasoline will. The East Coast should be building natural gas pipelines, not wind and solar farms.

Lastly, President Obama gave us the worst post-war recovery in history, and Liberals loved him. President Trump triggered a record-setting year on Wall Street and restored economic growth simply by undoing what President Obama had been doing. Liberals hate him. It is undeniable that President Obama’s actions were the cause of the rise of ISIS and pervasive economic malaise, and President Trump is the reason for the defeat of ISIS and economic recovery. Black unemployment is at 17 year lows, the Dow is above 25,000, economic growth is above 3%, 2 million fewer people on food stamps, Trump’s “Change” has returned “Hope” to America, and liberals hate him. Could you imagine the positive press President Obama would have gotten if he had had just a fraction of the success that President Trump has had? President Obama was loved by the Liberals for losing, and Liberals hate President Trump for winning. I guess some people would prefer riding the pine and warming those benches over winning, just as long as the coach was a liberal.

Post Publishing Edit: US cold snap was a freak of nature, quick analysis finds

Looks like even the non-Climate Experts at the AP can easily prove Michael Mann and Al Gore wrong.

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