Climate Change and the Iranian Protests


Today Iran is the USSR of the Cold War. They are wasting countless resources on counterproductive foreign entanglements. Like the former USSR, Iran shares the same Achilles heal, oil. Back in the 1980’s, Reagan, a President Liberals ceaselessly mocked and “resisted” at every turn, defeated the “Evil Empire” without firing a single shot. America and the entire World owes President Reagan a huge debt of gratitude. President Reagan’s battle plan was detailed in the book “Reagan’s War: The Epic Story of His Forty-Year Struggle and Final Triumph Over Communism.” Liberals back then and even today thought Reagan a fool, today everyone benefits from the pure genius of his insight.


Today like then, the World faces an “Evil Empire,” only this time it is radical Islam being exported, funded and encouraged by Iran. The last 8 years of President Obama did absolutely nothing to slow its growth, in fact, had Hillary been elected it is likely ISIS and Iran would have their coveted “Caliphate” and a Mediterranean Port. President Obama not only didn’t hinder the expansion of Iran, he signed a treaty giving them nuclear material. The absurd claim that a country as oil-rich as Iran would need nuclear power only makes sense if you are gullible and naive enough to believe that atmospheric CO2 is more dangerous than a nuclear-armed Iran. 170810-nkorea-iran-tease_rhrfzi

Iran is not only a threat in the Middle-East, Iran is a close ally of North Korea giving them Missle Technology and Equipment. Together, it is feared, the two Nations could cooperate to develop a nuclear missile capable of reaching Israel and San Francisco.

WASHINGTON/MOSCOW — There is growing speculation that Iran could be providing funds to North Korea and enabling the rogue nation to continue nuclear and missile development, despite a slew of heavy international economic sanctions.

“Iran just test-fired a ballistic missile capable of reaching Israel. They are also working with North Korea,” U.S. President Donald Trump claimed in a message posted on Twitter Saturday.

Iran and North Korea have not announced any cooperation in nuclear and missile development, but U.S. and European intelligence agencies see it as an “unquestionable fact,” Western diplomatic sources said.

While liberals are fiddling as North Korea and Iran conspire to develop nuclear weapons, distracting the world from the real threats it faces by manufacturing this Global Warming nonsense, President Trump is busy developing a battle plan that will end the Evil Empire once and for all. His solution? The exact one that President Reagan used to defeat the far more formidable USSR. President Trump plans to use the free market and the industrial might of America to flood the world with oil. President Trump wants America to not only be energy independent, President Trump wants America to be energy DOMINANT!!! By doing so, he will rob Iran, Russia and North Korea of badly needed resources, and eventual collapse. In those countries, the Government has far more to fear of its own starving and angry population than they do the US, and their “leaders” know it. They are ripe for revolution.

U.S. presidents have for decades sought to make America energy independent. Now, President Donald Trump has a different goal: energy dominance.

The White House rolled out the new branding this week to coincide with what the administration has dubbed “Energy Week,” casting “energy dominance” as a break with the Obama era. In a speech this week, Trump touted a “golden era” of U.S. energy that would be asserted via the country’s booming natural gas, coal and petroleum exports.

In what he called a policy of “energy dominance,” Trump re-branded efforts to export liquefied natural gas (LNG) to markets in Eastern Europe and Asia that had been set in motion during the previous presidential administration.

Iran, like the former USSR, depends upon oil revenues to fund their war machine. Today Iranians are protesting in the streets because of the harsh environment created by Iran’s misallocation of its oil resources, same can be said for the Socialist Utopia of Venezuela. Public money is wasted funding terrorism and instigating wars instead of addressing domestic problems, and the people have grown tired of waiting. Russia is also propping up Syria, and opposing the US in many theaters. A much lower oil price helps the US against both adversaries. North Korea depends on foreign oil and aid for survival, so the fewer resources North Korea’s allies have, the less they will have…think Cuba after the fall of the Berlin Wall.


Today President Trump, like President Reagan, is being ruthlessly attacked by the sanctimonious, elitist, dangerously ignorant and naive liberal press. A press that is obsessed with discrediting President Trump at every turn. A press that wouldn’t recognize true genius if it punched them in the face. Fortunately, just because the liberal press can’t recognize true genius when it sees it, doesn’t change the fact that President Trump’s strategy is pure genius. Trump’s strategy of flooding the world with oil and exporting LNG will not only create countless jobs here in the US, it will break Russia’s stranglehold on the EU, rob it of resources to fight in Ukraine,  and cripple Iran’s expansionist dreams while fomenting more unrest at home. For a press that gets confused by restroom signs, it is no surprise that they lack the sophistication to grasp the absolute genius of President Trump’s plan.

Fortunately, liberals don’t have to recognize genius. We just have to sit back and watch the world benefit from his work. We will all benefit from a financially crippled Iran, Russia, and North Korea. Liberals can stew about CO2 at their pseudointellectual cocktail parties, where they all sit around in their self-absorbed, self-important, developmentally arrested echo chambers complementing themselves about how smart they are, while President Trump is out doing the people’s work, keeping us all safe and restoring economic growth. President Trump will defeat Iran, Russia, and North Korea without firing a single shot. He will do it by creating countless jobs in the oil and gas industry, not by dropping bombs. President Trump will leverage the people of Iran, North Korea, and Russia to create the conditions for revolution.

Jimmy Carter’s energy policy was to tell people to “wear a sweater,” President Obama’s energy policy was to build Quixotic Wind and Solar farms and force everyone to buy extremely expensive, dangerous eco-unfriendly energy efficient light bulbs. President Trump’s energy policy doubles as a National Security Policy and will result in more abundant, greater diversity, and cheaper energy for America and the world. The secondary benefit is a bankrupt Iran, Russia and North Korea, and greater freedom, peace, and hope around the World. What will be the contribution of the AGW Liberals? To fight president Trump every opportunity they can get. Liberals are simply a Tyrant’s best friend.

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3 thoughts on “Climate Change and the Iranian Protests”

  1. I agree. One of my biggest complaints about climate hysteria is that real problems are being ignored. On a strictly Earth science level, I worked with Natureserve on implementing some climate change “products.” Simply put, we were applying climate change scenarios to landscapes and modeling genetic flow across the landscape using some fairly hokey concepts. The idea was to identify areas that would undergo 2 standard deviations in plant community structure based on the results of climate models. The problem is that the areas they identified as likely to undergo 2 standard deviations in the next 60 years had undergone type conversion in the past ten years. The current reality made the expected future irrelevant, and it is because of invasive species, and climate change that happened over the last 1,600 years.


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