Oil Companies Should Stop Supplying New York City

Oil Companies

The Latest: Oil Companies Dispute Climate Lawsuit Claims
Oil companies say lawsuits not the answer to addressing global warming following suit filed by NYC.

File this one under “Be Careful What You Wish For.” Ignorant, Nieve, Corrupt and Sanctimonious New York City, the Hollywood of the East, is suing the oil companies for “climate change.” Ignoring the fact that most environmentalists blame human population as the cause and NYC is one of the most populous places on earth, the nitwits in NYC have decided to attack the very industry that allowed them to survive last week’s Arctic Blast. To remedy this, the oil companies should help NYC in their Quixotic Crusade of stopping climate change and stop selling them oil. The absolute absurdity of crucifying the very industry that allows you to exist demonstrates the dangerous level of stupidity that defines the political left. They will simply believe anything and glum on to any idiotic cause.

What kind of evidence does NYC have to prove climate change exists? Who knows, you certainly can’t find the evidence in Manhatten’s Sea Level. It has been FALLING!!!


In reality, NYC has been altering the climate more than the oil companies by creating an undeniable Urban Heat Island Effect. The temperatures at West Point are stable while those of NYC have been increasing, clear evidence that skyscrapers, roads, machinery, countless streetside hot dog stands and millions of sanctimonious liberals are causing the warming, not CO2.

By cutting off Oil to NYC is will provide the needed motivation for either 1) liberals grow up and start living in the real world or 2) they turn to their friends in the Sierra Club and Rockefeller Foundation to provide a viable alternative. In reality, this war on climate change is nothing more than the Tobacco Settlement 2.0. Liberal organization can’t survive on their own, they require looting of the productive sectors of our economy. Liberals depend upon taxes, donations, contributions, fundraising and lawsuits. They reject the Free Market, so they don’t strive to discover commercially viable solutions to today’s problems, they rely on public campaigns to support looting those industries that actually produce something.

The tobacco money has run out, attempts at taxing Soda backfired and were regressive, same for Fast Food, so attacking the Oil Industry is the best alternative. Liberals, of course, would never ban Oil to save the earth, the logical solution if CO2 actually caused harm. No, they want to keep the Oil Companies alive like they did the Tobacco Industry so they can continue to loot it for their necessary life-sustaining free market generated dollars. News Flash to Liberals!!! You don’t see any sanctimonious liberal “non-profits” in Communist Countries. There is no Golden Goose to loot. Once again Liberals, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

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