Ban on Fracking is Causing California’s Earthquakes


Keeping with the spirit of climate alarmist fake news, I’ve decided to apply their best practices to the recent earthquakes in California.

Best Practice #1: Start with a conclusion that supports your political agenda and work backward. I want to expose the Sophistry used by the Climate Alarmists.

Best Practice #2: Identify a completely natural phenomenon, and attribute a fallacious cause to it that supports your agenda. Earthquakes are much like the recent natural weather events being blamed on climate change so I will claim Earthquakes are being caused by the Fracking Ban. In fact, Climate Alarmists search the world over for natural earthquake clusters in the vicinity of Fracking to do just the opposite.

Best Practice #3: Support your conclusion with data and models that contradict your conclusion. I don’t have any real data or models proving fracking bans cause earthquakes, but that is on par with most climate research. Here is a list of the nonsense being paid for by taxpayers.

Best Practice #4: Never answer “How” a ban on fracking causes earthquakes. Volcanos are melting the glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica, yet climate alarmists blame it on CO2. My personal favorite is when climate alarmists blame the disappearance of the Mt Kilimanjaro Glacier on global warming, even though it never gets above freezing. Somehow ice “melts” in subzero temperatures, defying all known laws of chemistry and physics, but that doesn’t matter, facts don’t matter in fake news, the story does.

Best Practice #5: Identify a phony emotional mascot like a starving polar bear, baby seal, North-Pole Penguins or kitten. The intention is to speak the emotional language of bleeding-heart liberals and to distract otherwise logical people from looking at the facts…which don’t exist. For the Californian earthquake, we will use the earthworm. Countless earthworms will have their homes destroyed by the earthquakes that are being caused by the lack of fracking.

Best Practice #6: Appeal to the Social Justice Warrior Safe-Space Seeking Liberal Arts Educated Pavlovesque Millennials. Claim that the ban on fracking is racist, sexist and homophobic. The earthquakes will disproportionately impact the blacks in Oakland and the gays in San Francisco.  As the progressive media has informed us, women are beating down the door to get the cherished jobs in the computer programming, science, engineering, mathematics, trucking, construction, front-line battlefield soldier, oil drilling, heavy construction, and fracking industry. The ban on fracking is preventing women from working in one of their most preferred industries.

Best Practice #7: Find some way to tie Fracking to “Reproductive Rights,” ie legalized murder of your child.

Best Practice #8: Visciously attack and slander anyone that disagrees with the pro-fracking agenda. Label them as “xenophobic, homophobic, misogynistic, racist, ableist, and anti-science.” Adding Privileged White Male to the list doesn’t hurt either, and maybe even accuse them of being a child molester or sexual harasser.

If Climate Skeptics, or as I like to call them, real scientists copied the tactics of the progressive left activists masquerading as scientists and journalists one can see the real dangers society would face. Societies need to be able to trust certain essential institutions, and once trust in those institutions is destroyed, societies can and have collapsed in the past. Science needs to be based on the scientific method, not some ever-changing popular whims of the political left. Journalists need to report the objective facts, not Fake News and Opinion masked as News. Taxpayer-funded organizations like NASA and NOAA need to produce data with integrity, not “adjusted” garbage to fit some GIGO model hoping to get the desired outcome.

Fortunately, I have a feeling the brewing FBI scandal is going to provide undeniable evidence to the American People, that concentrating power in the hands of progressive activists presents a clear and present danger to our Freedom. Wherever there is a concentration of progressive activists in Government, there is corruption. Everyday it is looking more and more like the FBI has joined the EPA, NASA, and NOAA on the Dark-Side of the Deep State.

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6 thoughts on “Ban on Fracking is Causing California’s Earthquakes”

  1. Re “Somehow ice “melts” in subzero temperatures, defying all known laws of chemistry and physics, but that doesn’t matter, facts don’t matter in fake news, the story does”. Careful. I like your whole article, but I learned about sublimation of ice in my university thermodynamics and physics classes in the early 1970’s. Take a look.


    1. The point is CO2 causes warming, not sublimation. The Climategate emails prove that they are aware of sublimation, that they are aware sublimation is the cause of the glacier decline, and yet they perpetuate the myth that CO2 is the cause.


      1. true, but nature can “melt” (make it disappear) ice even if not above 0 DegC. That being said, like you, I don’t buy for a moment that CO2 has the power to control the universe like some like to say! 🙂


      2. Yes, CO2’s only defined mechanism by which to affect climate change is by thermalizing IR radiation between 13 and 18 microns, that is the only mechanism defined in the CAGW theory. Nowhere in the CAGW is sublimation. Climate alarmists make observations and blame them on CO2 without having to explain “how” CO2 could cause sublimation. They can only explain warming.


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