President Trump Should Renegotiate the Paris Climate Accord


President Trump should renegotiate the Paris Climate Accord. He should agree anthropogenic CO2 is the cause of all global warming climate change. He should agree with the “consensus” scientists. He should agree that the “science” is settled. He should then announce that because the science is settled, 100% of all climate-related research will be redirected towards climate mitigation programs.

We will need an educated workforce to survive in a catastrophic climate, so climate money will be directed towards School Choice Programs in Black Neighborhoods.

We will need better housing for the poor, so climate money will be redirected towards rebuilding our inner cities.

We will need better roads, bridges, and dams, so climate money will be redirected towards major infrastructure projects.

We will need better protection from invasion by our starving socialist neighbors, so climate money will be redirected to build “The Wall.”

We will need more reliable supplies of energy that will work in blizzards and storms, so climate money being wasted on wind and solar will be redirected towards pipelines, fracking and oil drilling.

Because the “science” is “settled” we no longer need further research. We don’t have “gravity departments” in our universities, we don’t need countless Slimate Clientists repeating the same old mantra of CO2 causes global warming climate change. They should all be “reassigned” to jobs that would actually provide a return on investment for the taxpayer. They should all be “reassigned” to building the wall and teaching inner-city children viable job skills.

Bottom line, President Trump should redirect the money being wasted by the Democratic Party on Climate Change towards helping those that make up the Democratic Base. The only lie told by the Democrats that is bigger than man-made Global Warming Climate Change, is that the Black Community benefits more by voting for the Democrats than the Republicans. Democrats take the Black vote for granted by exploiting the fears, vulnerabilities, and insecurities of minorities and women. Republicans should earn the Black Vote by demonstrating to them that a Republican job pays more than Democratic Welfare.

President Trump should buy the Black Vote with jobs paid for by climate change research money. He should call it the Black Full Employment and Slimate Clientist Reassignment Act. Redirection of the public money being wasted on Slimate Clience towards productive purposes will go a long way towards “Making America Great Again.”

Bill Clinton does a great job explaining the need for The Wall.

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