Can You Spot the Racist?

Where were the 500 Women “Scientists” when we needed them? The above videos highlight just how dangerous it is to entrust a Nation to Progressives. They have no principles other than those that gain them power. One day they are creating the KKK to terrorize the black community, the next day they are offering addicting entitlements to entrap the black vote without offering them anything of true value. Progressives will say and do anything; they will lie, cheat and steal to gain power. They live by the principle that the “end justifies the means,” but the end of a socialist utopia simply isn’t worth the effort. America and the world simply won’t benefit by becoming the next Cuba or Venezuela. Just look at how Progressives turned a blind eye, and even attacked women that reported sexual harassment during the Clinton era when the politics favored them, and now they are attempting to make fighting sexual harassment the Democratic’s #1 political issue going into the campaign. If deplorable Democrats are willing to politicize such important national issues as immigration and how we treat women, they would certainly corrupt science, academia the media, the IRS, the EPA, the Justice Department, and FBI. CAGW is the natural outcome of their corruption.

America follows these progressives at their own peril. Obama gave us the worst economic recovery, even after doubling the debt and having the benefit of 0% interest rates, in the post-war ear. President Trump has returned America to the path to greatness in just one year, largely by simply stopping what Obama had been doing. His signing of the Keystone Pipeline and allowing drilling in ANWR are just two examples of how he restored growth by ignoring the progressives. Progressives live a lie based upon exploiting the fears, vulnerabilities, and insecurities of minorities and women. They use the language of fear to intimidate their base into voting. President Trump offers real hope and optimism by delivering consistent policies that are proven to deliver. Depending on the day and administration a Progressive can answer the exact same question with a completely opposite answer. Yesterday they were against illegal immigration, today they are for it.  Maybe the 500 Women Scientists should do some research on the outcomes of Nations that build their foundation on lies and an everchanging foundation of sand. Supporting responsible immigration is best for America when progressives benefit politically by the issue, and those that oppose open borders are racist the next when it doesn’t. Progressives are two-faced when it comes to the most important issues facing this Nations. I would imagine it is only a matter of time before the phony slimate clientists get the Harvey Weinstein treatment when they are no longer needed. It is extremely dangerous to put your trust in politicians whose positions change faster than the weather…err climate.

Democratic Party Hall of Shame:

Nancy Pelosi Crumbs
RACISM IN ACTION: Schumer: I Won’t Vote For This Judge Because He’s White
Gorilla Statue Removed After Complaints It Was ‘Racially Insensitive
Texas students launch ‘No Whites Allowed’ magazine
LAWSUIT: YouTube Stopped Hiring White Men To Promote Diversity

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