Police State for Sex; Totalitarian Leftists Gone Wild


We at CO2is Life has always maintained that CAGW is a political movement, not a scientific movement. The evidence can be seen in other left-wing progressive movements, they all follow the same pattern of personal destruction of those that disagree, using the fist of Government to enforce your view and censor opposition, and trampling on the individual rights of those who get in their way. Right now the #MeToo movement, and movement that didn’t exist during the Clinton Era when it was truly needed, is leading the equivalent of a modern-day Witch-hunt where people are guilty until proven innocent, vigilante mob rule justice, and unsubstantiated accusations are used to destroy political opponents. The tactics used by the left are the tactics of fascism, pure and simple, and the same tactics being used today in the #MeToo movement are also used to attack the “deniers,” “flat-earthers,”skeptics,” “sexists,” and “racists”  in the field of climate science that are doing real research.

The very fact that countless more Leftist Democratic Donors have been destroyed by the #MeToo movement than Conservative Republicans demonstrates when the torches are lit, no one is safe. Democrats see a political advantage to the sexual harassment issue, and Democrat or not, no one is safe. The first thing Casto did was execute many of those who helped him rise to power, as did Hitler in the night of the long-knives, and the list goes on and on and on. That is the Leftist MO, gain power no matter the cost, and then remove any threats to that power.

If you don’t think the #MeToo movement is a political construct of the political left, just look at who is being ignored. The Rap Industry has been largely ignored, the Kneeling Sports NFL player that have spousal abuse and worse criminal records are being ignored, and just as the Gay Marriage movement targeted only Christian Bakers, the Muslims are completely ignored for their treatment of women. Perversely, the left-wing Feminist movement is out in support of women wearing hijabs, while oppressed women in Iran are being imprisoned for not wearing them.

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