Junk Science Draft UN Climate Report: Poor People Will be Hit Worst

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Over 150 years ago oil was discovered in America. Its discovery resulted in the end of the whaling industry, the development of the automobile and tractor, and a greatly increased standard of living for the American people. That fuel, along with coal, was later used to power the industrial behemoth that was later used to defeat the Nazis and place America on top of the global economies. China, an extremely backward Nation as recently as  1989, has used oil and coal to go from being ignored to the 2nd largest economy in the world. Today children are slaving away to dig for cobalt in the Congo to build batteries for “green” electric vehicles.

If there is one thing CO2 doesn’t do, it is make the lives of poor people worse. Nothing has the potential to improve the lives of the poor more than CO2, and the vast energy that its creation can release. Take that poor kid out of a Cobalt mine, put him in an air-conditioned office behind a computer and he will be able to make 1,000x what he is making in killing himself in the mine. The fight against CO2, Coal, and Oil is impoverishing billions of mostly poor women and children across the globe. It is enslaving them in poverty and forcing them into horrendously difficult lives.

Climate alarmists and the UN/IPCC aren’t fighting to end world poverty and needless misery, they are ensuring and entrenching it through their CAGW hoax. Coal and gas are the solutions to improving the lives of the poor, and the biggest obstacle to a higher standard of living across the globe is the UN’s IPCC and the climate alarmist that it supports.

Lastly, a bucket of coal or 5 gallons of propane can heat a home as well as the wood from an entire tree. Coal and oil are astronomically environmentally friendly when the alternatives are considered.


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5 thoughts on “Junk Science Draft UN Climate Report: Poor People Will be Hit Worst”

  1. A lovely argument against the nonsense science of the IPCC and the leftist arguments about climate change. This argument has taken climate change out of the arena of thermodynamics and drooped into the sustainability of the biosphere by pointing out that CO2 is a basic life sustaining component of our atmosphere and not one that causes an anthropocentric factor of sufficient magnitude to influence the climate on Earth. And then this argument points out that Earth’s atmosphere is near the threshold where life would not be sustainable in the biosphere. Very nicely done indeed.


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