Fracking Ban is Causing Ring of Fire Earthquakes

Taiwan quake

One of the favorite acts of sophistry performed by the climate alarmists is to attribute the cause of completely natural phenemenon on CO2. CO2 can cause more and less hurricains, more and less tornoados, more and less snow, and the list goes on and on and on. Alarmists are particularly likely to blame earthquakes on Fracking. Fracking has been in existiance since the 1950s, and there are fracking wells all over the globe, but because of the wide spread use, it provides an opportunity for alarmism because of the increased probability of a coincident event.

Earthquakes are commonplace in California, a state that bans Fracking, so they are completely ignored. Only when earthquakes occur in a state where fracking is allowed do common earthquakes make the headlines. Because it is hard to trust any “science” is that is staffed by activists, it is hard to tell if there is any truth to the claim that fracking does cause minor, non-property damaging earthquakes. I personally haven’t found the evidence convincing, and even if Fracking does cause minor earthquakes, the benefit of bankrupting Iran, Russia and Venesuela is worth it to me. Regardless, the truth has yet to be determined, but that doesn’t stop the alarmists from convicting Fracking, that is their slanderous MO. Facts don’t matter, politics do.

To demonstrate how dangerous and damaging that approach is, imagine if Conservatives played the same childish game as the Progressives. Imagine if everytime there was an earthquake in an area that didn’t fit its natural pattern that Conservatives hystreically ran around claiming that the earthquacks are caused by a lack of Fracking. Society would never be able to get the truth on anything, solutions would never be based on real facts and science, and resources would be misallocated to projects that did nothing other than waste public money which could have been better spent elsewhere.

Right now the Ring of Fire is becoming active. How do we know that Fracking may not have relieved some pressure and stopped the earthquakes? How do we not know Fracking could have reduced the strength of these earthquakes? We don’t, so someone could make those claims and it would be impossible to prove them wrong. But responsible people don’t make such alarmist, hysterical, childish and dangerous claims.

The war on carbon is preventing billions and billions of people from improving their standards of living. Money is being wasted hand over fist, and real solutions simply aren’t being developed to address real issues. Facts are, climate alarmits aren’t saving the earth, or doing society any real good, what they are doing is preventing progress and empoverishing billions of people and enslaving them in lives of unbelievable hardship. It is one thing to be a millionaire environmental lawyer living in a mansion, it is a whole other thing to be empoverished and forced to live that way because of the misguided laws that the elitists have passed.

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