What Real Fascism Looks Like; It’s Alive and Well in the 21st Century Progressive Left


Progressives are fond of associating today’s American Political Right/Conservatives with the “Righ-Wing” Nazis and Fascists. Nothing could be further from the truth, and those associations demonstrate an ignorance of biblical proportions. The hallmark of Fascism is a Totalitarian Undemocratic Government. Fascism is the biggest of big Governments, ruled not by the rule of law, but the rule of a man. Today’s Conservatives fiercely defend the US Constitution and are for the smallest yet most effective government possible. Today’s Conservatives are for maximizing individual rights and minimizing the role of Government in our lives. In other words, they are the antithesis of a Fascist.

Stalin Devil

Modern Fascism is and always has been a left-wing phenomenon. Fascism depends upon society surrendering their individual rights and granting the Government maximum power over their lives. Socialism is and always has been the foundation of modern Fascism. Mussolini, the Father of Modern Fascism and Mentor of Hitler, was a Socialist.  World Socialism is Communism, and National Socialism is the Nazis. The only difference and the basis of the right-wing/left-wing association are that World Socialists wanted to unite the world under socialism, whereas the National Socialists wanted to preserve their National identity.  In 1930’s politics, that placed the Nazis to the “right” of the Communists but never were either of these groups associated with anything resembling today’sConservativee Political Right.

quote-there-are-no-morals-in-politics-there-is-only-expedience-a-scoundrel-may-be-of-use-to-us-just-vladimir-lenin-110531 (1)

Socialism is the common thread that ties the greatest horrors of the 20th Century together. The 30-year terror in Russia as Lenin, Trotski, and Stalin brutally imposed Communism on the Russians, and then the horrors of WWII. The rise of Fascist Italy inspired Hitler. Hitler, drawing from the lessons of Fascist Italy and the Russian Revolution, was able to form the Nazi Party. They were all bound by the socialism’s defining hatred of Capitalism. Never in world history have Capitalists banded together to exterminate millions of people that didn’t buy their products, but that is the unfortunate result of the rise of socialism and fascism in the 20th Century. The AHC Channel (American Heroes Channel) has a couple of mini-series on that examine Stalin and Hitler, that highlight the unspeakable horrors that the “progressive” National Socialists and Communists inflicted on the globe. Watching them side by side it is hard to distinguish between the two, and Communism killed far more people in the 20th Century that the Nazis.


One other defining characteristic of the “Progressive” Socialists is their devaluation of life. From abortion to Concentration Camps, the Progressives have never shied from exterminating those they dislike or disagree with.  That has been their trademark since their beginning. Today, progressives make light of their history in a play about exterminating “Climate Deniers.” Anyone that knows anything about history knows just how sick and dangerous such works of “art” can become. But plays like that are just another example of the sounding reasoning of Conservatives clinging to their guns.

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