If Climate Change is Really a Threat, Why Would China, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Abu Dhabi Invest Billions in the Maldives?


The Maldives has always been the poster child for Climate Alarmists. They have claimed that rising sea levels would wipe this island nation from the map. The problem is, the Maldives aren’t sinking, sea level isn’t rising in the Maldives. So right off the bat, something has a very bad odor. Now we find that China, a huge beneficiary of the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism funding, and Abu Dhabi, funder of the anti-fracking movie “Promised Land,” have invested fortunes in the Maldives. Does that make any sense? Two countries that are heavily invested in promoting the AGW Climate Change myth would invest in islands that are scheduled to sink into the oceans due to man-made CO2? This you must remember is the conclusion of a “settled science” backed by a consensus of infallible experts.

What this evidence does prove is that the US is being played as a fool, and the Progressives are being used as useful idiots to promote the agenda of foreign nations. Get America sidetracked on fighting Climate Change while they develop their economies at our expense. Best of all, the UN gives money to cash-rich China to build wind farms and they invest it in Maldive resorts. Sad but true.

A Tiny Island Nation You’ve Never Heard Of Has Become A Global Battleground

Last week, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates announced a grant of $160 million for “development projects” in the Maldives, a country located in the Indian ocean that is currently battling an economic and political crisis.

“As part of the support of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, the Saudi Fund for Development and the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development has pledged $160 million in support of the Maldives and its brotherly people for the development projects including the airport development and fisheries sector of the Maldives,” a statement on the Maldives presidency website said on February 18.

Foreign debt is viewed with great enthusiasm by the current governments in the Asia-Pacific region, but not so much by the rest of the population. Former Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed recently warned that its monumental debt to China has put the country at risk of a “land grab.”

“We can’t pay the $1.5-2 billion debt to China,” Nasheed told the Nikkei Asian Review in an interview.

If the Maldives falls behind on its payments, China will “ask for equity” from the owners of various islands and infrastructure operators, and Beijing will then “get free hold of that land,” he also reportedly said.

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