Sea Level Sophistry In San Francisco; Climate Alarmists are Playing the Judge as a Fool

SF Sea Level

Reading the California vs. Exxon Lawsuit I had to laugh at all the stereotypical liberal dog whistles/Code Words. It reads more like campaign slogans than a court document.  Global Warming, of course, is racist and will impact blacks, women and Hispanics worst. It is as if the 500 Women Scientists wrote it, complete with every virtue signaling non-relevant term they would fit on a page. Personally, I doubt many low-income people own beach front property in Oakland. The bleeding heart liberal dictionary masquerading as a court document alone should be enough of a red flag for this judge to know he is being played.

Ignoring the liberal virtue signaling, this lawsuit offers a phenomenal opportunity to get to the truth and debunk many of the myths perpetuated by the climate alarmists.

  1. As stated in the court document, sea levels are rising due to “thermal expansion.” CO2’s only way to impact sea level increase is through thermalizing and reradiating LWIR between 13 and 18µ. Those wavelengths don’t penetrate, or warm water. Additionally, those wavelengths are completely absorbed by the water vapor above the oceans, making CO2 irrelevant to warming the oceans or lower atmosphere. This effect could be demonstrated through experimentation. The Judge should demand the climate skeptics produce an experiment demonstrating that LWIR between 13 and 18µ can warm water, controlled for H2O.
  2. Sea Levels can be altered by the shifting of land along tectonic plates, erosion, volcanos, and other natural landscape changes. The poster child of islands at risk for disappearing, Vanuatu, actually has some islands gaining landmass. Billions of dollars are being invested in the Maldives by countries that are using the climate change issue to trip up the US and its energy sector.
  3. Glaciers on Greenland, at least partially, are melting from below due to volcanic activity. That additional meltwater has absolutely nothing to do with CO2.
  4. The Climategate emails expose that the climate alarmists recognize that the Mt Kilimanjaro Glacier isn’t melting, but “evaporating” through a process known as sublimation. That water will eventually reach the oceans in the form of rain, but it had nothing to do with CO2, and everything to do with very cold and very dry air.
  5. When the atmosphere is controlled for H2O, isolating the impact of CO2 on temperature, no warming is observed over the past 50+ years.
  6. Storms, El Niño and La Niña, landslides and earthquakes have a much greater impact on sea level than CO2 could ever hope to cause.

If the SF Judge truly wants to apply justice, he should demand that the climate alarmists explain how they “controlled” for all the above factors that impact sea level when reaching their conclusion that CO2 is the main causative factor. He should also demand that they prove CO2 and LWIR between 13 and 18µ can warm water. If you can’t explain how CO2 warms the oceans, you can’t explain how CO2 warms the atmosphere, and how CO2 causes sea level rise.

Please Like, Share, Subscribe and Comment…and forward this to Judge Alsup. This lawsuit offers a fantastic opportunity to expose the myths behind CO2 caused global warming and sea level rise. If the courts are about seeking truth and justice, rarely will there be a better opportunity and a larger topic than CO2 driven climate change. We can either continue misallocating resources to unproductive uses or start focusing our public spending or fixing real problems. It is time to stop the wasteful games, and restore the credibility of science in society. Politicizing science is just as dangerous as politicizing the justice system, allowing the politicization of both will ultimately destroy our society.

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