Sanctuary Cities and States Should Not Be Allowed to Sue in Federal Court; Trump Should Nullify California vs Exxon


Only in California would they make a policy of ignoring Federal Law when it suits them, and then turn to it when it benefits them. California has made a habit of picking and choosing what Federal Laws it chooses to enforce, undermining our union, violating the supremacy clause of the US Constitution, and making a mockery of the rule of law. Today, the Sanctuary State and some Sanctuary Cities in California are suing Exxon in Federal Court. President Trump should simply invalidate all rulings of the 9th Circuit and redirect all cases to other Circuits. American simply can’t have unlawful States and unlawful Courts making the rules for the rest of this law-abiding Nation. Allowing the 9th Circuit to make rulings that impact the rest of the Nation erodes the public’s confidence in the Judicial system.

MAGA!!! Start punishing California for violating the Constitution. Next step should be to start the process of invalidating their electoral votes. If that doesn’t work, start the process of breaking the State into Blue and Red California. If that doesn’t work, levy a special Constitution Tax on the State as well as apply crippling regulations for any products shipped to or from the state…especially energy products. Lastly, if all else fails, have the USN blockade the Ports and Harbors, and start the process of evicting California from the Union.

After a decade of unfettered immigration, anarchy, and drug lord rule, the US Marines can go back and retake the state. A state based upon a Constitution that will never allow the liberals to take control again. California can be used as a warning and case study for the rest of the Nation and World. Socialism isn’t welcome in America.

Activist Judges Threaten to Tear this Country Apart:

Judge grants nationwide right to abortion to illegal immigrant minors

Alan Dershowitz said Wednesday that he is fearful of the criminalization of political differences

John Paul Stevens: Repeal the Second Amendment

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