How Does CO2 Melt Ice FROM BELOW? The Right Questions Must Be Asked to Put the Climate Alarmists on the Defensive

Underwater Ice Melt.PNG

At the same time, hundreds of feet inland and deep underwater where even remote-controlled submersibles cannot venture, the warming ocean is also chipping away huge swaths of Antarctica’s frosty underbelly. According to a new study published yesterday (April 2) in the journal Nature Geoscience, ice is receding deep below eight of Antarctica’s largest glaciers at an alarming rate — roughly five times faster than it should be. If this marine ice recession continues, it could lead to a total collapse of the world’s largest ice sheet, the study found. [Images of Melt: Earth’s Vanishing Ice]

“Our study provides clear evidence that retreat is happening across the ice sheet due to ocean melting at its base,”

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Whenever a Climate Alarmist makes a claim that CO2 is somehow causing some disaster, one must always refer back to the mechanism by which CO2 can cause the effect. The one and only mechanism by which CO2 can affect climate is through the Greenhouse Gas Effect. CO2 “thermalizes” long-wave infrared radiation (LWIR) between 13 and 18µ, that is it. The blackbody temperature of “thermalizing” 13 thru 18µ LWIR is -80°C. Anytime a Climate Alarmist makes a claim, simply ask the question “how does “thermalizing” 13 thru 18µ LWIR cause that effect?”

The introductory graphic makes an observation that Antarctic Ice is melting FROM BELOW. Climate Alarmists will seize upon this observation and undoubtedly blame it on CO2 caused climate change. “Experts” skilled in climate sophistry like Dr. Myles Allen could very easily present the undeniable fact that Antarctica ice is disappearing, blame it on CO2, and face very little if any opposition. No one ever asks the all-important question of “how does CO2 cause it?” CO2 can’t and doesn’t cause glaciers to melt from below, some other natural phenomenon must be the cause.

Warm water is melting both the Arctic and Antarctic ice. For CO2 to be the cause, one has to demonstrate how CO2 and LWIR between 13 thru 18µ can warm the oceans. It doesn’t.  LWIR between 13 thru 18µ does not penetrate or warm water. High energy visible radiation warms the oceans. If the oceans are warming, it is due to more visible radiation reaching the oceans. CO2 is transparent to incoming visible radiation.

This is the elephant in the room for the Climate Alarmists. The Oceans control the global climate and temperature. The oceans are the earth’s thermostat. To explain the global climate you have to explain the oceans, and CO2 can’t explain what is happening in the oceans. If you can’t tie the ocean warming to CO2, you can’t tie global warming and climate change to CO2.

The problem is that Climate Science’s foundation is dishonesty and deceit. Just recently, Climate Sophistry was in full view out in San Francisco’s California vs Exxon trial. There was absolutely zero effort by the climate alarmists to present “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.” There were countless misrepresentations, omissions, and distortions, all made because the climate alarmists believed that they would never have to face the question “how does CO2 cause that observation?”

Fortunately, Judge Alsup had done some homework and asked two very insightful questions.

“What caused the Ice Age?”
“How did the Ice Age end?”

There is absolutely no mechanism by which CO2 would increase in a cyclical pattern before temperatures to pull the globe out of an ice age, and there is no mechanism by which CO2 would decrease in a cyclical pattern before temperatures to plunge the earth back into an ice age. CO2 has never it world history triggered the end of countless ice ages and the natural warming that occurred, and never in world history has CO2 suddenly decreased in advance of a cooling period to plunge the globe back into an ice age. In fact, at least according to the ice core record going back 600,000 years, all ice ages began WHEN CO2 was at a peak. Just look at Al Gore’s charts. Clearly, temperatures and climate have been very volatile over the past, and none of the previous ice ages and interglacial warming periods were caused by man-made CO2. None, nada, zip. Clearly, there are powerful natural forces that warm and cool the globe, and none of them is man-made CO2.

Additionally, CO2’s mechanism is to warm the atmosphere. There has been no atmospheric warming in Antarctica in over 100 years. Isolating the impact of CO2 on atmospheric temperature reveals no warming at all over the past 50+ years, even with the sizable increase in CO2. These facts will never be mentioned by the Climate Alarmists, they focus on sophistry, not science.

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10 thoughts on “How Does CO2 Melt Ice FROM BELOW? The Right Questions Must Be Asked to Put the Climate Alarmists on the Defensive”

  1. Only a fool believes that human generated emissions of carbon dioxide make a dent in Nature’s balance sheet; even the UN IPCC knew that way back in the 1990’s:
    Further to that it is impossible for carbon dioxide to “trap heat” and there is absolutely no such mechanism as the “greenhouse effect” making our beautiful planet warmer than it should be. It’s the Sun, the Oceans and Nature. Each and every assertion by climate alarmists and many a well-known “sceptic” is complete BS without any scientific or other evidence. and – both properly peer reviewed.
    Get the facts, make the right decisions.

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  2. How does CO2 melt ice from below?
    That’s an easy question to answer: When it’s a volcano.
    The Antarctic peninsular is of volcanic origin.
    That line shown around West Antarctica is tectonically and thermally (volcanically) active. At the Ross Sea, it terminates with Mt Erebus which is still erupting since it started in the 1970s.
    Researchers from Texas University discovered an active volcano erupting under the Thwaites Glacier ice just a few years ago. Turn up the heat under the ice with an active volcano, and of course ice will melt “5 times faster.” Really, kiddies.

    That line of retreat parallels the Pacific Plate and the Antarctic plate trench. The Pacific Plate is subducting so the volcano line is on the Antarctic plate side of the subduction zone.

    CO2? Nah. Plate tectonics.

    But the CO2 Scaredy Cats have a learning block. Every few years, this boogey-man pops up, assigned to CO2.
    ” The seas are going to rise. Antarctica is going to melt. Ahhhhh!”
    The credulous surround us; their pseudo-science babble deafens us. Every few years. Without fail.

    Let’s look at a few facts. I’ll keep it simple and limit it to only six:
    1. Antarctica settled into its current position through tectonic action about 33MYA.
    2. That’s when Antarctica’s ice sheets started to form.
    3. The volcanic activity along the Pacific/Antarctic plate boundary has waxed and waned continuously since then.
    4. The West Antarctic Ice sheets and glaciers haven’t melted yet, not in all that time.
    5. It’s not going to melt yet unless another 18km diameter or larger sized bolide smacks down hard somewhere in Siberia or Alaska and fires up the West Antarctica Traps, or the Ross Sea Traps. We will notice all that.
    6. So-called Global Warming is a Northern Hemisphere problem. It doesn’t happen in the Southern Hemisphere.
    For example: New Zealand’s average temperature has remained about 12.5 deg C since the 1850s. (De Freitas et al 2015).

    There is no such thing as magic.
    I won’t bother mentioning the amount of ice East Antarctica adds each year …


  3. Well, the ground/base is 55 F, 12.8 C from geothermal sources while the air is -20 C.

    That basal lubrication comes from ground contact not air!!!



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